February 28, 2009

Winter is Coming

As dictated by Faranza Syns

A: Are you really Benny's father?
B: Are you saying I look like his mother?


To sweet beginnings, and bitter endings,

In coffee city we borrowed heaven,
Don't give it back,
Winter is coming,
And I need to stay warm.


Please, please, please tell me you love me.

I'd simply expire if you don't.

The lips you wanted to kiss, Julia. =P

Let's not lie.
We are ten feet high,
and we're not dumb enough to jump off now.


Promises, Promises

As dictated by Faranza Syns

This tradition of B'day Posts should be moved to be abolished.


Because I am seriously running out of things to say.



My first second thir-- affair. The only one who seems to want to kiss me. With a vengeance.

Goodness gracious, why do I tolerate your philandering ways?

Why do I smile when you (quite so blatantly, mind) kiss Yin in front of me?

Why do I still allow accept you in my life after such abuse?

Okay, it probably has something to do with my own promiscuity,

But it is MOST definitely because I love you.

Yes, you do tend to overlook things when you love someone. And because of that, I will overlook your attempts to cheat on me, and smile everytime I see you, as if I have not a whit of idea what you go about doing. Haha.

You're turning 17, baby.

Make me proud one day.

And promise me no matter what happens,

We'll still always have this friendship between us.

Love, hugs, and (oooh, very very exciting) kisses.


p.s: You cheer me up at times, too. Don't change. Be just as you are.


February 27, 2009

It's Innocent

As dictated by Faranza Syns

I gained weight. Again.

*passes rope to Afzan.* Kindly fashion a noose from this pathetic length of rope for me to kill myself with. I hear choking is a pretty painful way to die. If you somehow survive it, that is. Which just proves that dying in the hands ties of a rope is not so painful after all. Since you are dying. Get me?

I wonder if you'll survive hanging yourself bungee-style from the 88th storey of the KLCC building. Oh, no, why don't you guys enlighten me? Don't get me wrong. I love experimenting (ahem) but in this instance, I gladly make way for everyone else.

Well, it looks like it's back to locking-the-doors-and - dancing-for-one-hour-daily again.


I just realised that someone read a the story that I had posted up for one day only. About a few weeks ago. And she lurrrrrrrrves it.

Aww, thank you, Nikhi. I'll post up the continuation of Mirricae, just for you. I just need to do some editing. Something that you've written three years ago is bound to produce cringe-able moments. It's embarrassing, and I really don't want to die of mortification. So yup, I'm editing it now. Will put up the post for one whole day only. Maybe tomorrow, if I have the time. After one whole day, it'll be bye-bye, Mirricae until next time (next blue moon, maybe).

How I love it when peopel notice the small things.


Want to make me happy?

They make me happy.

Gahhaa. *hint hint*

It was supposed to make me stronger.

One night; my body, my soul.



As dictated by Faranza Syns

Ian: Farhana! Farhana! Farhana! Farhana!
Me: *takes stapler from him without turning*
Kessler: Why do you call her Farhana?
Me: *turns around, smiling wryly* What should he call me then?
Ian: Yeah, what should I call her?
Me: *turns again, back to work*
Ian: What? Should I call her a slut?
Kess: Whoa!

Me: ... Very colourful, Ian.

Ian: *grin*


Me: bla bla bla... Julia.
Nicholas: What's the difference between Julian and

And somehow, our brilliant Julia said this:

Julia: Julia and Ian, Julian.

Simple Arithmetic?

Julia + Ian = Julian?

Julia and Ian had sex and made Julian?

Food for thought, people. Food for thought.

I can try to be faithful.
And that tie you found under the bed is definitely not one of my affair's.


February 25, 2009

No Lie

As dictated by Faranza Syns

Haseef memang suka akan Farhana.

WHAT THE ****?!

Woman, you just don't say those kind of things as "examples"!

Our brilliant teacher (take a guess who) said that as a an "example" for one of the "Kata Tugas" words she was teaching. Eeeek! Maybe it's just me, but I just felt really uncomfortable around Haseef after that.

I had a severe case of airy-head right after, too. My head suddenly felt like it was being bathed with ice. Mmm.. I have no idea what to make of it.

Time to swallow the chill pill.


Sumaiyyah Team rocks!

Oh dear. I've just realised that Puteri Islam (PPIM) is pretty fun. I was pretty much like a lost sheep (the first time I heard the phrase, I thought Ebe was saying "lost shits". gahaa. xD) when I came for PPIM just now.

Then, I randomly joined a group.

Is it just me, or are we destined to be together.

I've always loved Sumaiyyah. She is wonderful. Superb. Extraordinary. Garrhh!

Don't worry, team. We might've lost the battle -- we have yet to lose the war, so buck up and we'll show 'em all just what we're made up of.

Let me say it just once.
I <3 You .


February 24, 2009

Why It's Hard to Forget

As dictated by Faranza Syns

Because you agonise over it in your semi-conscious mind. David Archuleta, get over that girl. She's not worth your time. And she's with 'him' now. Suck it up and be a man. Stop singing A Little Too Not Over You so that I can actually fit something useful in the spot where your voice is currently reverberating.


The Conspiracy Theories of Nursery Rhymes:

On Jack and Jill

Jet: Eh, how does the song go? Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down and.. broke his crown and... and...*struggles to remember*
Me: Jill came something after.
Amanda & Kess: Came tumbling after, right?
Me: Mmm, yeah!
Jet:... How come Jack broke his crown?
Me: Because he came tumbling down?
Jet: Maybe he tried to rape Jill and she punched him, so he broke his crown and fell down.
Me: *speechless*

I think I naturally assumed that the two were siblings. Good Lord, to think that JACK, good ol' Jack, tried to rape Jill. Unbelievable.

The conversation that would've taken place had I not lost my wits:

Me: Then why did Jill come tumbling after?
Jet: Maybe she realised she killed him so she got shocked and fell down as well.
Me: Or maybe she wants to hurry and bury his body so she slipped down the hill.

Our minds these days are just so twisted and so full of doubt and cynicism over the human race it's actually funny.

And Tarrant actually wonders why I have so many conspiracy theories in my head. Really, when you can't even trust the walls not to speak...


Antigens and antibodies. You are fascinating. Really, you are. You intrigue me.

And why are people so noisy during Biology class? I don't get it. Granted, it can get boring, but seriously, I was pretty entertained during Bio class. All you have to do is ask Pn. Ju for details. Biology is -- God forbid the use of this cliche! -- fun, if you know how to make it fun for yourself. And of course, if you are inordinately interested. Mmm hmm.

I was very interested.

But since I am queasy and my biology marks are *shudder*, I don't think I'll be a doctor.

We'll see how it goes, eh?

There's nothing wrong with your heart.
It's just growing stronger after a fall, that's all.


February 23, 2009


As dictated by Faranza Syns

That night as they sat in front of the TV, Harry was embroiled in playing with his new toy. [a personal organizer]

Emma saw his brow furrow. "Why don't you just read the instructions?"

"Pfft," Harry scoffed. "I am man. Man don't need instructions. Man born with electronics manual imprinted on brain."

"Then why do you look as though you are pulling a muscle?"


Needless to say, Man not really have instructions imprinted on brain. Man need to read instructions. Man losing to woman. NyekkS! =P

Because hey, I seem to have a better affinity with gadgetry compared to my brother. Oh ho!

Disclaimer: The above excerpt was NOT stolen from The Shock Engagement by Ally Blake of the Australian Harlequin Mills and Boon publications. No, they were... borrowed to enlighten this short, simple and sweet post.


I just realised that my illusions of a relationship is just so bloody silly. And, to tell the truth, pretty darn naive and without a direction. I just went out looking for a relationship without the ideal man-cum-relationship in mind. I just settled for second best. Eeeek! I was looking around for a guy like a myopic bat!

Oh my Gawd, Christian Carter, I promise no man will make me feel bad about feeling the way I feel. Promise!

And thank you so much. Now I feel better about myself.

Next stop? Valhalla! Haha.

Nah, just 10A's for SPM, for now.

Make a promise to yourself that no man will make you feel bad about how you feel.


February 22, 2009

Tagging the Untagged.

As dictated by Faranza Syns

Ruzanna tagged all her readers. Eek, so I'll have to do this. Tags are just so irresistable for vain, self-centred people like yours truly. Eeesh.

100 Truths

001.Real name → Farhana
002.Nickname(s) → Hannah, Hanna, Far, Farhy, Farna, Faranza Syns (pen name, actually)
004.Male or female → Female
005.Elementary → BBGS 1, Sekolah Agama al-Mustaqimmah
006.Middle School → Seri Bintang Utara.
007.High School → Seri Bintang Utara.
008.Hair color → Black (although Yin says my hair looks a little brown too.)
009.Long or short → It's grown below the shoulder-blades, nearing my waist.
010.Loud or Quiet → Depends on the situation, and my current mental state
011.Sweats or Jeans → Sweats at home, jeans outside.
012.Phone or Camera → *agony* MUST I choose?
013.Health freak → Lately.
014.Drink or Smoke → No, and never will.
015.Do you have a crush on someone → Surprisingly, no, not right now.
016.Eat or Drink → Anything chewable, so I guess food.
017.Piercings → Maybe, one day.
018.Tattoos → if I get tattoos, I can't do an MRI without going through agony, since the MRI's magnetic field will force the magnetic ink of the tattoo out onto the surface of my skin. Pain like biting shit. So I guess there is a good part of not having a tattoo.

019.Been in an airplane→ When I was small. Eeesh.
020.Been in a relationship → I'd like to delude myself and say NO.
021.Been in a car accident → Yeah. Twice. Ah well.
022.Been in a fight → I'm too nice. But don't cross me. It's for your own safety.

023.First piercing → Should be somewhere safe and nowhere near danger zone.
024.First best friend → Fatin Nabillah. Gosh, girl, where've you gone to?
025.First award → 4 x 100 track competition. Shocker eh? Got first place, I recall.
026.First crush → Eeeeek! I barely remember anymore. It might be Jason my neighbour, I think. He was so adorable. Mmm, pinky promise!
027.First pet → Hamsters, of course. Disregard the many generations of guppies my dad thrusted upon me.
028.First big vacation → Thailand. Road trip!

029.Last person you IMed to → Yin and Aja
030.Last person you texted → Mei Yin
031.Last person you watched a movie with → Amanda, TiKay, Syarifah, Akmar.
032.Last food you ate → Errr.. donut?
033.Last movie you watched → The King and The Clown. Eugh, bloody king should be castrated, then burned to a crisp.
034.Last song you listened to → A Little Too Not Over You.
035.Last thing you bought → Credits for my phone. Eeesh.
036.Last person you hugged → Afzan. =)

037.Food → Anything with white meat.
038.Drinks → Tea. Yeah, shocker, huh?
039.Hobby → Dancing. For some absurd reason.
040.Books → Too many authors to choose from. Up to 60 different authors, maybe.
041.Music → Catchy beat. Deep meanings.
042.Flower → The cliched roses.
043.Colors → Black, pink, red.
044.Movies → The Holiday.
045.Positions → Missionary? xD
046.Subjects → Chemistry. No lie.

IN 2008.....I
047. rarely : did anything nice.
048. started : being a bitch.
049. met : a guy who changed my perceptives forever.
050. gone : on a Road Trip to Thailand
051. met : people who just aren't worth it.
052. learn : to feel better about myself.
053. MIA on : HELP debate. Eeesh.
054. always : procrastinate.
055. always out : of lousy excuses.
056. had too many : I'm-worthless moments.
057. missed my : old self.
058. think : in the slowest, most scattered way.
059. weighed : obscenely heavy.
060. cut my hair : by myself with no help at all.
061. worked : my ass off trying to please too many people.
062. tried to save for : birthday pressies. T__T
063. heard a lot of : lies. Endless lies.
064. been very : disoriented towards the end of the year. Eeek!
065. drink : coffee during exams. A lot. Eeeek!
066. smoke : as a secondary smoker. *Sigh*

067.Eating → my lips into tatters.
068.Drinking → plain water. Detox, detox.
069.I'm about to → get into a serious discussion with my wife.
070.Listening to → the rain beat against the roof. Oh, and "Touch My Body", too.
071.Plans for today → Food, dance, sleep.
072.Waiting for → a beautiful, beautiful story to form in my mind so that I can write it with Yee Ming. Eeesh.

073.Want kids? → Four or three, I think. I'd go crazy with more. Believe me, I know. Being the eldest girl does spoil you for marriage and the works.
074.Want to get married? → I want 'petri dish (gahaa)' babies. But.... I guess a husband is okay, as well. At least there'll be sex cuddling after sex procreating love-making.
075.Careers in mind → Psychoanalyst, psychologist, psychiatrist, and maybe an author/ freelance author.
076.Lips or eyes → sexier lips OR sexier eyes? Good God, am I supposed to choose?
077.Shorter or taller → Taller, taller! I'm too short, by half!
078.Romantic or spontaneous → Romantically spontaneous? Achievable, I believe.
079.Nice stomach or nice arms → OMG, are you telling me to CHOOSE?
080.Sensitive or loud → Sensitive. I need to take a backseat on being so loud.
081.Hook-up or relationship → Relationship.
082.Trouble-maker or hesitant → Hesitant trouble-maker?

083.Lost glasses/contacts → Nearly lost said things. But I'm a master at back-tracking, so nope.
084.Ran away from home → Are you crazy? And miss out on House? Never!
085.Hold a gun/knife for self defense → Against my siblings. Believe me, it was necessary.
086.Killed somebody → In many books of mine. Had to un-kill one so that TiKay won't kill me.
087.Broken someone's heart → I have no idea. I'm not very intuitive in this.
088.Been arrested → No. NO.
089.Cried when someone died → .... yeah.

090.Yourself → Too little at times, it hurts.
091.Miracles → Mostly. =)
092.Love at first sight → Too many lust at first-sight happenings. Can't differentiate em anymore.
093.Heaven → Mmm... yes.
094.Santa Claus → Nope. But cracking jokes about them is rather fun.
095.Sex on the first date → *snort* only if that first date is the wedding night as well.
096.Kiss on the first date → *refer above answer* Buttt... if he stole it, I can't do anything, can I? (eeeeh, ever the hopeful)

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now? → *drops head on table, moans with misery* Yes.
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life? → No. Still not.
099. Do you believe in God → Yes yes yes.
100. Post as 100 Truths and tag to 10 people plus the one who tagged you.

Tag time!:

I tag,

1) Afzan (because I know you won't do it)
2) My wife, Yin (because maybe you won't do it, too.)

Eugh, I'm too lazy to list out names. So anyone who wants to do this, do it. Urgh.

I was so proficient at acting blind. Save me.


As dictated by Faranza Syns

This amuses me. And seemingly shocks me everytime.

Why, oh why. Life is so cruel sometimes.


February 21, 2009


As dictated by Faranza Syns

I am back on my House craze.

I wonder why everyone in House doesn't hesitate to pull down their pants? Fascinating, really.

Oh, and yes, am watching "The King and the Clown."

Lee Jun-ki is HOT.

Can I obsess over him? Please, please, please? x)

Oh, he looks purtty!

He was, at first, a model. Nyumm, delish. Then, he went on to act as a female in the King and the Clown. Did you know he was in My Girl, and in The Time Between Dog and Wolf as well?

He is seriously androgynous. He can make a better woman than half the woman in the world. Eeek, what's the world coming to?

Okay, sure, so he acts as a female. But you have to admit he is hot.

An excerpt:

"....He has previously been in the movie “The King and the Clown” and dramas “My Girl” and “Time Between Dog and Wolf - Drama” where he was the character who faced tragedies. And he is well praised for his ability to portray such complex tragic emotions rather than simply expressing sadness.

Lee Jun-ki is confident in acting these kinds of emotions and says that it is his proudest skill. He said that the “Iljimae” director has praised him for this.

His definition of artist is a person who plays the contents with passionate vitality which is one of the reasons for choosing to be in “Iljimae“. Lee said that people could be attracted to this drama because it was a historical fiction that was fused with a superhero story.

For you, I will watch Iljimae anyday, Jun-ki. But maybe after SPM.

He is so beautiful, it aches. Sure, Jet saw that he was a guy, right away. So did I. It's the face structure, the bone, the side of the face, the jaw. But genes are a funny thing. Gosh, he is so pretty. Gaaaaan, forget air-brushing, Jun-ki is perfect!

Final shot:

Arrrgh! I wanna fall in love with you NOW!


Actually, talking to Zi Kang is pretty ... entertaining. Okay, so maybe I was rather reluctant to speak to him at first. I wasn't in my peachy-keen mood. I was pretty much in the doldrums.

But his nonsensical poetry-cum-literature just blows a person away, and you can't help but laugh.

Waaa, thank you, EX-boss. You made my day. Or night. Or whichever way you want to look at it.

Pado-chorom buswejin ne mam,
My heart breaks like the waves,

Baram-chorom hundur-rinun ne mam,
My heart wavers like the wind,

Yongi-chorom sarajin ne sarang,
My love disappears like smoke,

Munsin-chorom jiwe-jijiga anha,
Like a tattoo, it doesn't erase.


Broken Streak

As dictated by Faranza Syns

When we say Shirtliff, You say Yeah!
Who are we?


When the sky was still painted with dark colours of the dawn, streaked by little strips of light...

Ah, tosh. I don't want to talk about poetry. We have time enough for that.

Shirtliff started off the day with low, down-in-the-slums spirit. There Ruz was, holding the"Scream!" sign. And me, I saw it, and was the only one screaming, obliging her. And Ruz, seeing me scream alone, screamed along. At that awkward moment, we laughed it all off, taking it in good spirits. But all the other Shirtliff-ians were still rather slow to react.

We sorta broke the "Dynamite!" chant chain. Oh but oh well, Maclay didn't finish off the chain as well.

Marc and Chi Hoe were late. There we were, all going into hystericals when no one could find Chi Hoe nor Marc. For the "lintas hormat", Marc was supposed to be the flag bearer and Chi Hoe the mascot. So you can see how panicked we became when they were no where remotely near the field.

And then the procession had started moving. The committee members and the form fives were already tearing their hair out.

Until Marc suddenly came streaking across the field, running on his long, strong legs. One rarely calls a pair of legs majestic, but as we saw him dart across the field, I fell in love with his legs. Gahha. That's just wrong. But at times of panic, things happen.

And then, we saw Chi Hoe follow suit. Egad, I never knew Chi Hoe can look so hot in samurai get-up and look cool while running as fast as he could to catch up with the procession.

During exam, I was sitting at the back and consequently, near the window. In the mornings, it gets bitingly hot, and it doesn't help that the fan is so far away. So there I was, sprawled across my table, Chi Hoe sitting in front of me, his body half-turned towards the side.

Me: *moans* Chi Hoe~
CH: Hmm?
Me: It's so hot.
CH: *blinks* Oh. Really?
Me: *straight-face* It's because you're so hot.
CH: Oh, thank you!

Anyways, Chi Hoe did his performance as mascot in a debonair manner. Well, that was what I saw from far. I can't vouch for it, though.

Took pictures with Yin.

Yin: OMG, you look so pretty.

Aww, thank you, my wife. I'm glad I married you. You sexy thing, you.

The kawad team did well enough. Don't worry, my dears, you have many years to go yet. You can't give up. Have faith and hope. Keep the spirit up. You stumble and fall before you're able to walk and run. It takes time. Just don't give up. Make your seniors, you commanders, your supporters, your Sports housemates proud. Keep trying. Failing is not the fullstop to tales of legends. There will always be the tales of glory to be told. Do not lose faith, do not let the fact that you failed now pull you down till you can't reach out to the glowing chance of the future. You are strong, and you know it.


Marc seemed pretty darned tired. Oh, my poor sweetheart. Due to our somewhat volatile relationship (har har), I didn't dare to approach him earlier. But later on, he cheered up some and could crack a few jokes.

Marc: *takes off cap, catches my eye*
Me: *stares back, smiling*
Marc: *grins* So, do I look handsome? *fixes hair*
Me: *makes lovestruck face* Very, my dear. Very. I've fallen in love.

When it was time for the medals to be handed out to winners, me, Amanda and Pei Yuen were sitting under my umbrella, near Chu Meng.

Amanda: My skin is burning.
Me: *gives wry look* Don't complain. Chu is sitting under the direct sun. His skin is burning, too.
Chu: *corrects* My skin is boiling.

Everytime Pn. Norsyam announced a winner named Farhana, Chu Meng would look at me.

On P.A: Pemenang untuk acara **********, Farhana, dari rumah Cooke!
Chu Meng: *looks my way pointedly*
On P.A: Dan untuk acara **********, pemenang pingat ******** ialah Farhana, dari rumah Cooke!
Chu Meng: *looks my way again*
Chu Meng: *Laughs*

We won quite a few medals. I'm proud of Shirtliff. We've unearthed quite a few talented athletes, people whom we've never expected to be quite so talented. Oh, and lookie, Alia, you've won a medal! Haha. Looks, like the pep talk from your aunt worked, eh?

Although we lost, at least we're not last. That nasty streak has been broken.

Next up: CHAMPION!

Come on, Shirtliff, don't give up on hope! We've many years yet to come! You can do it!

Just because you've fallen, it doesn't mean that you're too broken to stand up again.

Just because you've lost, it's no excuse to forget the way you've once roared.


February 20, 2009


As dictated by Faranza Syns

I feel guilty, so I'll post up something, anyways.

Helped kawad team a little. Carted their "bamboo sticks" around. Waited for En. Fauzan (eugh) for many hours. Realised that Cheng Ken is hot when he marches. Realised that Kean Loong was getting hotter, too. Watched the St. Johns train.

And shared my drinks with almost everyone. Jordan nearly drank half of it. Eesh. Charlotte drank some, too. And some few other people. And Wee Keat, of all people.

Funny day. Interesting day. Now I'm gonna go pass out.


Close your eyes; don't forget to remember me.


February 19, 2009

I remember you, Heaven

As dictated by Faranza Syns

WARNING: PG-13, parents' guidance advised.

First off, I want to hug, kiss and molest rape devour Jordan. Okay, maybe I'm feeling this way because of the way he replied to a question of mine. If you dare sit there on your chair, all comfy, saying that you're so cocksure of yourself and you don't need an ego-booster ever, I will personally go there and rape sodomise maim you and your wonderful assets. See if you need an ego-booster after that kind of treatment.

Today was ... slow paced. I guess it's all due to saringan and dress-rehearsal. The form fives had an AddMaths class with Pn.Zuraimah. Oh mah gad, I am going to kidnap her one day and force her to teach me AddMaths. No offence to other teachers, but when she taught me, I understood. No blinking blurly, faking a look of comprehension, and then killing myself ten-thousand times trying to fathom what the teacher was talking about. Ruz, I like your Mom. But I don't think she likes me. Ah well.

After recess, we went to the library, and stayed there for the rest of the day. Sat at the round, shimmery glass table with Mei Yin, Amanda and a few other people. I was studying Biology.

Yeah, right. If I could shut my mouth long enough to get in the functions of ribosomes, I'd be really surprised. Once, me, Amanda and Jet discussed politics. It was fun. I did quite well, I suppose. It must because I understood and believed in what I was talking about.

Pity. If I'd spoken with that measure of conviction during the Inter-school Debate Competition, we could've screwed SAB silly.


Jordan: You know we got a BSL?
Me: Yeah, I know.
Jordan: All because our class was dirty.
Me: What happened?
Jordan: It's all the Interact Club's

Me: What did they do? Have sex in the

* * * *

(Name replaced with letters for

XH: Do you know what "A" did? *asks in a conspirational

Me: What?
XH: Do you guys know what "A" did?
Me: What? What?
XH: ....
Me: *gasp!* He HAD SEX.

That got the attention of Amanda, Jordan and the others. Mind, we were in the library, but it was still rather noisy.

Jordan: HE HAD SEX?
Amanda: He did?!
Me: No la. *grin*
XH: NO, HE DIDN'T. *gives me irritated look*

If only the answers in life were as simple as how I answered them.

But then again, sex makes things complicated, no? Ah well. Thank god I'm not having it, then.


I was sitting, trying to memorise Bio facts. Then I heard the word prom. It turns out Xin Huei was telling Mei Yin that she didn't want to attend prom.

Ooh, Mommy and Daughter are alike, eh, hun?

Me: I don't want to attend prom, too.
XH: *beams, high fives* We can have our own party.
Me: Yeah!

And Jordan listened in.

Jordan: Eh, eh? What?

Me: I'm not going to prom.

Jordan: Why not?

Me: What's the point?

Jordan: I'll be wearing nice clothes, so you'd better come and wear pretty

Spoken like my true Romeo.

Me: I'm un-dateable, Jordan. What kind of guy wants me?

Mei Yin: Eh, you don't know, okay?

Amanda: Yeah, the world's a wide place, and who knows?

Xin Huei: Yeah, who knows? There could be men who like you.

At that point, I was... very, very touched. The way everyone stood up and strived to make me feel better about myself... I was just really touched.

Me: Yeah, right. What kind of a girl do guys want? *looks at

XH: Some guys like girls who are hot, some like girls who are pretty, and
some want sexy girls.

Me: Hnn. See?

Jordan: Yeah, but there are also guys who like girls who are cute. You

XH: Yeah. *nods*

'Kay, people, slap me for being ungrateful. I have great, wonderful friends. Jordan's the closest I'll get to ever ask a guy if I've slimmed down.

Me: Jordan, do I look a little slimmer? *asks

Jordan: Got meh? I didn't notice. *continues doing his

Me: =_="

And since I asked Amanda to compare me with girl "B" just a few moments before, she decided to ask Jordan the same question.

Amanda: Okayla, between Far and "B", who's slimmer?
Jordan: I don't know. I
didn't notice.
Me: =____=''

But later on, when me and Amanda discussed my weight, and so on, with the word "slim" kept being tossed around, Jordan suddenly snapped to attention.

Jordan: Why do you want to be slimmer? No need to be slimmer la. I like you
like this. So cute.
Someone: Cute, right? *eager*
Jordan: I wanna pinch your cheeks. No need to be slimmer, la.
Me: Haha.

Aww, thank you, people. I love you all so much. And Amanda, thanks for answering a lethal question so gracefully. Haha.

Me: Between me and "B", who's slimmer.
Amanda: *Thinks deeply*
Me: *waits*
Amanda: You. You're slimmer.
Me: How much slimmer?
Amanda: *annoyed* Look at it this way: if you went on a
binge for 3 months, then you'd catch up with her.

Me: Three months?
Amanda: Okay, I meant one week, but if I said it, you'd
be crushed, so I said three months.

Haha. Thanks. I feel really appreciated. Really. My Romeo, my daughter, my friend, my neighbour. You know who you are, so know that I'll love you guys always.

Munch-and-Kisses. Except Jordan. Eesh. Haha.

Note to self: Never talk to Yee Ming about obsessions.


February 18, 2009


As dictated by Faranza Syns

Jaz: I heard that Ian Teng has a younger sibling.
Me: Hmm?
Jaz: A girl. Form one.
Me: Hnn.
Jaz: Younger sister.
Me: What? Jane Teng?
Jaz: Yeah.
Me: Why?
Jaz: Nothing, it's just surprising. Them born so close together.
Me: What? You think his parents don't have sex?

Sometimes, my mouth is just so straightforwardly vulgar, it makes me want to soap it out.

But I don't like bitter things, so, no, thank you. I'll keep my vulgar mouth.

I do believe it's something they call gumption.
Or full-blown idiocy.


I guess I'm done

As dictated by Faranza Syns

I nearly got an orgasm today. Of the not-sexually-induced variety.

Dear, don't ask me why. Today was after all the last day of intervenshit (credit goes to Aja, for the brilliant misspelling). I suppose now it's time to start calling it Intervensi. I mean, they did come up with the whole Intervensi thing for our own good.

It's just the timing that sucked all the way to hell.

I was writing down the date on the test paper.


My hand was shaking, my heart beating fast, breathless--

Yup. Orgasm, alright. Without the moaning and the panting, of course, because that would've been just too bizarre for anyone in class to swallow.


It was raining pretty heavily last evening when dad came home. So his leather shoe was a little soiled. He bent and wiped his shoe off. I was on the floor at the covered portion of the porch of sorts, reading my Sejarah text book.

Ma: Amboi, sayangnya dekat kasut.
Dad: Mestilah. Benda baru. Mestilah sayang.

Ma: Jadi bini yang tua ni tak sayang la?


Dad: I didn't say that. *grins*
Ma: Hmmph.
Dad: Benda, benda. Isteri bukan benda.
Ma: *smiles against will*

Me: Quick save *dry smile*
Dad: Quick thinking saves the day. *grins*

Haha. I want a guy who can be like my dad. A joker, but he's still serious. And responsible, and stern. And caring. Stable. The embodiment of strength. Although not too mushy, except for during the Eid celebrations.

Well, that settles it. I don't think I'll ever meet a guy like him. He's one in a million.


Dad: *takes plate and sits in front of the TV*
Me: Did I just see what I saw?
Ma: Yes. Your dad is eating in front of the TV.

When he sometimes disallows us to eat in front of the TV.

Ma: Well, it's all your fault. You're teaching your father to eat in front of the TV.
Me: Eh? Our fault?
Jaz: Gosh, we're teaching dad things now.
Dad: *comes back to table for refill*
Me: Dad, why're you eating in front of the TV?
Dad: *droll look* There's always a first time for everything.
Ma: Hmm, your dad's watching Drama Minggu Ini.

Seriously, you want drama? Just watch the news every night. You'll get a load full.

Dad enjoys it though. So do I. Nothing better, and nothing more amusing, than listen to politicians spouting crap that are so non-sensical, you feel like choking them. Alas, we'd get ISA'd or something if we do, so we just limit it to our 5 minute diatribes.

Now it feels as if dad's a news junkie. Not that he wasn't one before. It just didn't progress to the point where he'd rather watch the TV first before having dinner.

Now it has.

It feels... somewhat relieving to know that dad's rather politically informed. And so's Ma. Which pretty much compensates for my ignorance. But dad's continuous vigilance during the news is starting to make me want to watch it.



I was studying Agama the other day. Read on akikah.

Azan di telinga kanan bayi,
Iqamah di telinga kiri bayi.

I imagined it in my head, in Technicolour.

Then, I tried to put one of my crushes in that role.


All my crushes are Chinese, or not a Muslim. I can't imagine him/them reciting the azan and iqamah to my baby. And yes, I want my husband to recite the melodious sound of the azan and iqamah in my baby's ears. A fancy of mine, but one I would like to see fulfilled.

So, bye-bye, Chinese and non-Muslim crushes. I didn't think we could progress far anyway.


I lost ... 1.5 kg.

And Ma says I look a bit slimmer than before.

Yay! Haha. I'm one step closer to that elusive dream.

Amanda: At this rate, maybe you'll get a good figure by prom.

Tosh, I don't want to go to prom. Allow me to be a bit bitter and pessimistic: I don't have a date, and prom's rather pointless because I'd rather be at home, learning new dance routines and basically working my bum off than dancing on the dancefloor like some myopic bat. And a date? Urgh, I don't see the point of there being a man in my life when I have friends enough. Sure, I can't marry my friends, but I can still have intelligent conversations with them, and ooh, I feel more fulfilled than I would ever feel if I had a guy.

... Okay, did I just say all that? Urgh.

Like I said, I want a guy like dad. Too bad, only dad can be dad and I'm not at all incestuous, so I'll settle with singledom for now. Gahaa. XD

I'm in love with Augustus Caesar.
His uncle was just not nice, that was all.


February 17, 2009

Take Me, I'm Yours

As dictated by Faranza Syns


Urgh, I've been checking Timothy's blog for days now. Everyday without fail. Dear God, why do I obsess over people? *slams head against wall*.

People, have you read my Miracle/ "I felt the miracle, it was you" songfic?


I am logging off to oblivion for the day. Goodbye world. If we manage to see each other again, I'll know the apocalypse has come and you, great, wondrous, torturous world, have met your end.

Take me, I'm yours.

For the time being.

Eugh, life's so dang complicated.

Commitment issues? No, it's just you.


February 14, 2009

Last Shot.

As dictated by Faranza Syns

A shot I missed. Pun intended. For those of you who came to school today, and saw me re-enter class after just a few minutes of leaving it, you'll understand the pun.



The first person to say it to me was Yin. Aww, thank you, honey. You are the best. Mind, Yin said it to me the night before Val's.

Then, during duty, I was (by some twisted quirk of fate) standing beside Alysha. And she wished me a Happy Valentine's, right out of the blue. It caught me off-guard. But thanks, Aly. You sweet thing. Haha.

And then... well... who else?

Ah, yes. My darling Marc. Mind you, he uses the term "Valentine gift" very loosely. I can't believe my first Valentine's gift was a not-so lantern. In other words, it's something disposable and currently has no use except for decorating the top of the lockers (where I dumped the thing after Marc walked away).

Marc: *hands me Shirtliff lantern*
Me: ... What the?
Marc: Happy Valentine's!
Me: ... *speechless*
Marc: How about my present?
Me: *still speechless*
Marc: Ah, maybe that book you promised to write about me. When's it gonna be finished?
Me: *snaps out of disbelief* Maybe when you're 60.
Marc: What?! I want to be alive when the book comes out.
Me: Well, at least people will remember you through my book. *grin*
Marc: But I want them to remember me while I'm alive!

*Sigh*. Great. Tiring, but good nonetheless.


Congratulations to my Shaney! Haha. Ooh, gosh, sweetie, who knew you could jump so high.

Syarifah: Shane, can you jump over me?
Shane: Sure!
Syarifah: Can you jump over Farhana?
Shane: Sure!
Syarifah: You know, with Farhana making the seductive look...
Shane & Me: HOI!

When he couldn't break the school record, I was pretty worried he'd beat himself up. And so, there I was, at the canteen when I saw him. Believe me, I was pretty worked up and was more than ready to console him. But when he reached me, he was smiling.

Me: *was about to speak*
Shane: *wiggles eyebrows* not bad ah?
Me: What did you get?
Shane: Third place.
Me: That's good!

I was pretty excited for him. Gawd, Shane, I have to borrow your positivity one day. You're brilliant.

Happy Val's sweetie!

While talking to Shane about my foiled chance of joining shot putt, he was pretty understanding. But Eugene was not so.

Me: *explaining to Shane what happened*
Shane: *pats my shoulder, giving the 'it's ok' look.*
Eugene: Ah, you wouldn't have won anyways.

That was a mean shot, and you know it, Eugene Chang. That was kicking me senseless when I was writhing on the ground.

Gawd, you're blunt.

And for that, I now resign from my post as your vice-president for the fencing club. I'll go on a strike and not help you with dealing with the members. You can call the coach yourself, too. And deal with the board. Hmmph. Good luck.


Conclusion? Valentine's this year is damned colourful. It was beautiful, bitter, and sweet. My kind of day.

5 Stages of Grief:


It was a seamless transition.


February 13, 2009

I felt the miracle, it was you.

As dictated by Faranza Syns

Category: Songfic.
Author: Faranza Syns.


Life couldn't get better
Life couldn't get better

Nothing would go wrong today. From the perfect way I woke up, right down to the perfect, clear glow of the early morning moon.

'Til now, the time without you in my life was full of darkness (without you baby)

Not hell or even high water would bring me down.

Not my mother's incessant yelling. Not my brother's unbreakable barrier of murky depression. Not my sister's high, shrill shrieks of strangled outrage, nor her younger sister's quiet obeisance to the law of the house, the rule that supposedly governs us all.

There is time enough for tears. For now, life would just remain perfect, untouched by the chaotic zephyrs of life, leaving me free to breathe. No choking here. No confusions, no running in circles chasing an evanescent dream.


I turned, and bestowed a smile on Erika. Just a smile. It was greeting enough. She understands me-- understands my situation. She is the roots keeping me grounded.

She approached me, something small clutched gently within her small hands. "Here," she beamed, holding the little package out.

The smile that had been playing on my lips widened. What she placed in my hand was the best gift yet that anyone had ever given me. Knowing Erika, it must have never occurred to her how much I would appreciate this. It was in her nature to give, and give freely she did. A special girl with the heart of gold. I could never ask for a better friend.

"Thank you," I thrilled. Looking down at the small packet of loveliness -- a small cupcake adorned with adorable swirls of cream.

But ever since I've met you, my life's been like a dream (baby)

"You've been smiling a lot lately," Erika mused. I smiled wider, unable to help myself, powerless to stop the pleasant heat suffusing my cheeks.

"Ahha!" Erika shot. "You've met someone haven't you?"

I stifled the wide beam on my lips, struggling to shrug nonchalantly at Erika's bulls-eye shot.

"You sly dog," she slugged my arm. "Who is it?"

"Not telling you."

Erika made a loud sound of disgusted disbelief. "And to think that I was worried about you."

When I first saw you (first saw you)
A miracle (a miracle)

Touched by her concern, I lurched forth and gave her a tight hug. "You don't have to worry anymore."

She stilled for a second. Then nodded and held me tight. "Good. Now I won't have to text you every other day to check on you. Now I'll leave it all to whoever it is that mystery guy is. Ugh," she said with mock disgust. I laughed, and let go.

I felt the miracle. It was you.

Class went on as usual. Humdrum like it has always been. Except for those little things I've overlooked before. Like the low sound of Clay behind me, spouting jokes so blunt, and so forthright, that it sounded hilarious. My hilarity was made clear as I laughed more than once, joyful and as boisterous as I could ever be.

Life couldn't get better (hey~)
I'll hold you in my arms and fly

Little things like Marl's daily routine of self-choking whenever the Literature teacher stepped into class. The comical expression on her face was hard to miss, and hard to stay stern at. I had turned on my chair, laughing as she writhed on her table, seemingly dying out of misery and the lack of air. Marl had looked at me when the Literature teacher chided her, rolling her eyes and pretending another bout of severe seizures.

This time, although my laughter was drowned by many others, I could hear it clear in my heart. It resonated in the seemingly hollow chambers. It sounded full.

We'll fly towards the blue moon (ho~)
I'll kiss you when you're sleeping

Just when I thought my little heart was going to burst, I calmed myself down a smidgen. And when all was suddenly silent, I heard again the small sounds that were my class. Clay's mutterings, Ian's not-so-quiet shout of attention, the blue streak coming from Lane's mouth, the small whispers interchanged between a few giggling classmates of mine. Me, with my head bent over today's Lit assignment... I just felt content. For once in my life.

Life couldn't get better (hey~)
Open your heart and take my hand

"Hey Kayla!" Cate called. "We've got a dance routine ready for the performance next March. You wanna join?"

It was the first time. The first invitation. The first olive branch. Reluctant, I stared at Cate's smiling face. What if it all went wrong? The myriad of disasters awaiting me, they weren't pretty at the least.

"Come on," Neera coaxed with an adorable whine. "It'll be fun. And it'll be awfully empty without you."

I blinked, unconvinced. "Wouldn't I be intruding? I'm not fun to--"

"TOSH." Firanza slapped any of my objections aside, a small, indiscernible smile playing on her lips. "You're fun enough, alright. Trust me."

Trust me. Trust her. No one asked for my trust before.

I smiled up at them, furiously fighting back tears. "Sure. Okay."

Cate and Neera hooted with delight. Never had I seen people so pleased at having me around. This smile on my face... I hope it never fades.

Life couldn't get better


I stumbled and nearly fell flat on my face. For many painful seconds, I paused, waiting for the coming laughter. A sound that would be mocking me, and my clumsy feet. Me and my misgivings.

The laughter came, and I cringed. For an anguished second, I stayed down, considering a quick, shameful escape out the gym doors.

Until Cate came beside me, laughing, collapsing. She laid down beside me, arms open wide, her erratic breathing slowing down. "Phew. That was a tough routine."

When I first saw you, a miracle (a miracle)
I love you baby and I'm never gonna stop

"Yeah," Firanza nodded, plopping down near me. "Oh, and nice save, Kaye. If it were me, I'd have rolled all over the floor, cursing a blue streak."

Did she just praise the way I fell? "I just..." my mouth ran dry. "I just found out that .. if you feel like falling, you jump, then get your footing again."

Neera laughed. "So that was what the frog-like jump was for. I see."

I am torn between laughing, or staring on at these girls, stupefied. Many years ago, I would have withdrawn from this conversation, preferring to lick my wounds in silence. I would have been blind to their warmth, their friendliness. Their capacity to forgive and make excuses for me. Their laughter would have hurt me deeply. But now, I see. They were kind, generous people. Why didn't I see this before?

I smiled. And laughed with them. Silly me. Strangers.. they could be kind people too. People who you could jump off plane with and laugh it off in the end. They were wonderful.

Life couldn't get better (hey~)
I'll hold you in my arms and fly

* * *

"You ho!"

Smiling, I turned to greet Zen. She approached me, and we air-kissed lavishly.

"Here," she handed me a note. "Some random guy from some random class passed it to me."

Random guy? My heart took on a staccato beat. Deep breaths. And heart, don't you dare stop beating.

Slowly, I opened the note. And broke into a smile.

Just the sight of his messy scrawl made my heart giddy, like it were ten feet high above the ground. After my rather caustic remark on his writing, he had tried to school it into some semblance of comprehensible writing. Looks like he was failing miserably.

We'll fly towards the blue moon
I'll kiss you when you're sleeping

Unbelievable, how much joy a heart can take.

"Tomorrow's a special day," Zen leaned against the table, eyeing me. I turned a beaming face her way. Zen rolled her eyes. "What are you going to do?"

When I didn't answer for a few seconds, she looked uneasy. "We could plan an outing. I mean, it is your birthday and--"

"But I thought you have a date with Clay tomorrow?"

Zen hid a pained look at that. I took in a deep breath. Years ago, I would have eagerly jumped at her proposal, completely blocking out the sight of her reluctance at playing along. But this year was special. This year was different.

I have him now.

Life couldn't get better (hey~)
Open your heart and take my hand

"No, it's okay, Zen. You can have your date with Clay. I'll be fine. Better than fine, even."

Life couldn't get better.

* * *

"So," he said. "What did you do today?" The smile on his face... it was delectably sweet. His eyes, they looked at me, like he cared. Like he was listening. Like I, for once, held the spotlight in life.

"Well," I tapped my chin thoughtfully. "I danced, and I fell."

He laughed at me. Normally, I would have smiled up at him shyly. But this time, completely forgetting to feel shy, forgetting to hide in my shell, painstakingly thinking over my reactions, I slapped his arm playfully, laughing.

What I want is

"What else?" he asked, grinning.

Once again, I looked up thoughtfully, not caring to look where I stepped, trusting his ability to guide me. Trusting him to protect me. For once, laying down my trust so starkly for someone to shield from harm did not feel so tough. Or so wrong.

A promise that we'll be together forever

"I laughed my butt off. And got some cupcakes from Eri."

He smiled. "I'd love some, thank you."

"Shouldn't it be 'I'd love some, please'?"

"Not when I'm sure you'll give it to me."

I threw my head back and laughed. Then, catching myself quickly, I closed my mouth, a hand placed above it. Goodness, that must've been embarrassing. I was so loud.

"You can't wait to feed me," he said, smug. Hands in pockets, he strutted by my side, tall and proud. Yet, in his eyes, I see a glimmer of joy barely suppressed. I see a human, flawed. I see a man, whose compassion and kindness outshone his imperfections. I see him.

"Whoever said so?" I retorted.

"It's the rule of a woman in love that they would want to feed their man."

I paused. It's the rule of a woman in love that they would want to feed their man.

Maybe he was right.

"Get out of here!" I laughed, shoving him disbelievingly. No way was I going to admit that it was true. I did not have the heart to stop my reactions. They were naturally honest. And I felt free doing it. Being myself.

If I were to be born again

"Hey! You can't help but love me, can you?"

"Yes, I can help it. Believe me, loving you needed a lot of... help." I nearly faltered. This was not something normal for me. Admitting such things are just not a part of my everyday routine. It did not come out easy, nor did it come out flippant. These things I say came from the heart. They mean the world to me.

I looked up at him, looking for a reply.

"Trust me," he said, leaning down, smiling at me. "Loving you needs no help at all. It's just easy."

I will still fall in love with you all over again

A choked laugh escaped my lips. Maybe I'll trust him.

* * *

When I first saw you,
A miracle,
I love you baby and I'm never gonna stop.

Life couldn't get better,
I'll hold you in my arms and fly,
We'll fly towards the blue moon,
I'll kiss you while you're asleep,
Life couldn't get better,
Open your heart,
And take my hand,
Life couldn't get better.

"Wait," I said, swinging our arms back and forth. "What's your full name, again?"

He grinned. "Guess," he dared.

I smiled wolfishly up at him.


That's right, guess, you idiots. Haha. Well, phew. Finally got that one out of my system. If you guys are smart, I'd say you saw some familiar characters in the story. Since everyone seemed to be in the "Valentine" mood, I really had to purge this from my mind. Intervensi is next week, either ways, so it's better I have this out of the way. Not nagging me every other second.

Oooh, and his name is eh... guess yourself la. Gahhaaa, I ain't tellin'.


Disclaimer: Song is by Super Junior, entitled Miracle. Credits go to Aheeyah for such wonderful translations. I am not stealing the song, merely using it as a base for a fiction. A lousy fiction, but fiction nonetheless. Be happy. I am promoting SuJu here.

Oh, and bye bye, Tarrant! Enjoy Australia!

Dola bojiman go tona gara,
To narul chaji malgo sara gara.

Don't look back, and leave.
Don't look for me, and live.

Norul sarang hetgie hue obgie
Ju atdon giok man gajyou gara.

Because I loved you, because I don't regret,
Just take with you the happy memories.


February 12, 2009

Why not "copulation jokes" instead?

As dictated by Faranza Syns

Instead of the soon-to-be-cliched term sex jokes, why don't we move on to "copulation" jokes?

Because half the bloody school doesn't know what copulation means. Unlike sex which is similar to seks. So if you were Malay, Chinese or Indian, when people say "sex joke!", you'll instantly get it.

It doesn't help too that you have "too experienced" seniors who (even at the age of 14) were cracking dirty jokes left, right, front and center.

What's the point of today's post, you ask?

No point at all. Just blathering since I like doing it so much. Blathering, that is. Not sex.


Max H.H.H: Hakim, fuck you! Fuck you, Hakim! Turunkan seluar kamu sekarang jugak! Saya nak kasi kamu kerja tangan!


Yes, they were sitting there discussing Interact stuff when Max suddenly burst out. Haha.

Let's not forget when we played hang-man.

Jet: P for pussy!
Pn Sheela: You mean pussycat.
Jet: Ah, yes, pussyCAT.

Haha. Jet, you're priceless.


I feel like getting someone something for Valentines. Not that I celebrate it, but just for the sake of giving someone something.

Maybe I'll buy something for Yee Ming. That'll be a bust.

And write something embarrassingly wanton? Hooo, that'll be a hoot.

Too bad the one I really want to give it to is currently indisposed. Haha.


I heard that Zi Kang dyed his hair. Oh mah gad. Someone said it was blonde. OH MAI GAWD.

ZK, tell me it ain't true.


Remember me. I'll miss you, you silly old man.

Saranghae nan neol gieokhae, Heaven.
I love you, I remember you, Heaven.


February 11, 2009

Couldn't Get Better

As dictated by Faranza Syns

I was on the verge of being emo. Somehow, I got saved by a song.

It's pathetic, really, but thank God I didn't actually surrender to utter helplessness and stupid moroseness.

Life is too damned short for me to act like I don't care. It's too damn long for me to suffer, to torture myself. It's too wide a world for me to be hung up over something so small. It's too soon for me to consider suicide, so yes, that rules that one out.

Because no matter how sucky it gets, you can always count on one thing in life as a pick-me-up.

A friend.

A cousin.

A stranger.

A song.

Choose one of the many variations of a wailing wall in life. They are there for you. If one isn't at hand, there will always be others. You don't dump everything at one place alone-- it gets crowded after a while.

So climb up a cliff and shout your aching heart out. Or lock the door and dance till you ache all over. Or grab a paper, and pour it all out. Maybe after that, you'll find your catharsis.

Life couldn't get better (hey~)
I'll hold you in my arms and fly
We'll fly towards the blue moon (ho~)
I'll kiss you when you're sleeping
Life couldn't get better (hey~)
Open your heart and take my hand
Life couldn't get better

-Miracle, Super Junior

It's Korean, but the sound was beautiful. Upbeat. Cheerful. A heart-mender. It made me smile.

Smiling too little is a sin. How can you not smile all the chance you get? Life wouldn't get any better if you were always so sour. Life wouldn't get any better if you were too cynical. Life would definitely not get any better if you had a stick shoved up your heinie. So, take a deep breath, and take a peek at the bright side. If you like it, maybe you could stay. I would love you to stay.

You've changed my ordinary life (a holiday)
And all the people in the world look happy (I wanna thank you baby)


Life's too short for me to pine away after one obtuse man who seems to never get the drift. So forgive me if I get over you; it's crucial for my peace of mind.

Thank you, Abz, for making me feel appreciated. *Muahx - kisses!*

Thanks to Ames (pronounced Aims, darling) for being there, an unconditional wall for me to lean on. For me to crack my preggers jokes on. Thank you.

Thanks, to you, you and you, for being part of my life. I wouldn't replace you for all the "lewd" novels in the world.

Life's one hell of rollercoaster ride;
If you give up half-way, I'd call you out and deem you a coward.


February 10, 2009

Simple and Clean

As dictated by Faranza Syns

School was... dreadfully empty. It's a time that inspires long naps and vacant looks over the table straight at the teacher.

It's naturally Alpha.

Beta always wins a first for 'School Skipping Spree.'

Alpha always leads for 'Class Skipping Extravaganza.'

And also the 'Craze of the Certificates.'

We should feel some semblance of misguided pride, I suppose. We are achieving some elusive goal: getting teachers to look at Alpha with a disapproving eye. Well, it's not so elusive now.

Quote: I wonder why Alpha is so .. bad this year. All of the years before, Alpha's been quite a good class. The year 2007 especially. They are always punctual, and everyone is in class.

-Pn. J, Bio Teacher. (Hazard a guess. I'm sure you'll get it.)

I wonder the same thing too some days. But I appreciate the solitary silence in class too much (so very bloody rare, if you ask me) that I just shut up and not question it. And besides, when there's not enough students in class, teaching is usually postponed to the next day.

Simple equations in my life:

No teaching = No homework

No homework = Less stress

Less stress = Less chance of dying early

It's enough to make you send a quick thank you up above.

We have school this Saturday. On 14th February. Does the date ring a bell?

Quote: It's just one of the Westerns' way of making money. *scoff*

Who wants to bet that the school is going to be partially empty then as well?

But on second thoughts, I guess it's going to be pretty full. If the school administration is going to give the go-ahead for their harebrained scheme of bringing forth Intervensi to this Saturday, the form 5's are going to be hard-pressed to not come (think innocent thoughts. Remove thy mind from the gutter.)

It might be BM or English this Saturday. We are either really doomed, or really screwed silly.

is a tear-your-hair-out endeavour.
Especially when he's an exceptionally aggravating man.
Or excessively sweet. Whichever way you look at it.

We're not perfect.
Just all messed up.


February 9, 2009

Fading fast; a forgotten star.

As dictated by Faranza Syns

Some people are just too hard to please. Up to the point where being held by a noose around the neck feels more pleasant.

As people like to say, "Siapa makan cili, dia terasa pedasnya." Har. You know who you are.


Did you look out the window? It's the full moon.

Remember when people blather on about the full moon being romantic?

It is. Truly it is, when it's clear and bright-- so close that you feel like you can just grasp it in your hands.

I was polishing my shoe when I noticed. Darned shoe. Either ways, it was a beautiful moon. More so since the clouds seemed to be dancing around it, floating as how only clouds could.

Dad took out his new digicam. Canon PowerShot G10, I believe. Shut up and don't complain, Tarrant. It's up to him what he wanted to buy.

He set up the tripod.

It's rare indeed that I spend time with dad. Sometimes we joke around. We are a family of jesters, naturally. I used to be really good at computers--a thing that dad holds a passion for-- until I got side-tracked by boys. Pity. I used to be so intrigued by technology. When it dwindled into nothing, I guess it was quite a loss for the both of us.

Until I started showing interest in photography. Believe me, soon I'll be rejoining the ranks of daddy's-little-girls.

Anyways, so we snapped the pictures. Got the 411 on a moon shot.

Although it didn't come out as perfect, the experience in itself was as close to perfect as it could be.

I rarely say this, but I love my parents.

I love my brother.

I love my sisters.

Just don't tell them, please. It'd be bloody embarrassing.

This isn't the shot. But I love this one, for some reason...
Naww, I just love clouds.

It's impressively really, the sides of your parents that you've never seen before.


I stood before the mirror, scissors in hand. Poised to strike.

Snip, snip, snip.

Yes, people, I have bangs again. And I did it myself. Again.

It's a wonder I don't look a mess.

Ma: If you want to cut your hair, you can cut it yourself. No need to wait for me to get bangs for you.

Such excellent piece of advice.

*Sigh*. Bangs. I love bangs.


Her: We'll fly to the blue moon; I'll kiss you while you sleep--
Him: Don't you think that's sexual harassment?
Her: ... No, I don't think it's sexual harassment. Why do you always spoil the moment?
Him: *grins* Because I can.