April 16, 2011

My Kids (OMG I totally am NOT a mother but my workplace makes me feel like it so I am talking about it, etc. etc.)

As dictated by Faranza Syns

The kids at my workplace lurrrrrve to hang around my table. My job constitutes assisting the kids (awwh) to read in English. They have to come to me or another English teacher and read for the day.

Apparently, I seem to amuse quite a few of them (and I suspect they enjoy playing around me because I am the only teacher who hasn't grown enough fragments of a backbone to really banish them from my realm - my table, in simple English). And so, my table would be the noisiest. The male teacher would occasionally shoo them, but then, like any hardy child worth their salt, they came back again and again.

Once, since it wasn't so hectic, a group of them sat around me.

Shahrul: Teacher, *yak yak yak about something I don't quite remember*

Me: Hmmm *nods distractedly while marking through some work*

Another kid: Eh, mana adalah! *and yak yak yakk*

Some smart kid: *grabs my extra red pen, and starts to play by clicking it, and unclicking it*

Me: Eh, jangan... *distractedly*

Another smart kid: *grabs another red pen, and creates a cannonball by strategically clicking and unclicking*

Me: Eh!

Another kid: Wahhh... nak buat nak buat!

Me: Eh, dah dah!

Another kid who wasn't even a part of the English class: *walks in* NAK BUAT GAK!

And so, I have a legion of admirers, even including kids who don't study under me.

Hm. Not sure how well I like that.


Anonymous said...

interesting working surroundings you got here~
but...if it was me, i might be a lllllllllliiiiiiiittle annoyed~
kids messing around like that~
but the way you wrote this made them look like a bunch of angels~ kkk~

Faranza Syns said...

Haha! Angels? No waaay. xD