January 1, 2010


As dictated by Faranza Syns

Must say, J'aimerais Tellement by Jena Lee (who is deceptively French) is like a haven for people who have had their hearts stomped on and thrown over the cliff. But still, the poetry of the lyrics, though dulled because I don't entirely read, speak nor understand French that good, was beautiful (after being fed to Google Translate, that is).

J'aimerais tellement te dire que je n'ai plus peur mais ces mots sonnent faux.

I'd love to tell you that I am not afraid but these words ring hollow.

Ce n'est qu'une larme, juste un reste du passé dont je m'éloigne.

This is a tear, just a relic from the past, I digress.

So far, I've managed to painstakingly follow the chorus and I can now pronouce J'aimerais Tellement properly. And it made me irrevocably happy that I've found out my pronunciation for faux pas all this while has been spot on (it's pronounced fo-pa).

J'aimerais tellement te dire ce que veut mon coeur mais je n'ai pas les mots, non.

I'd love to tell you what my heart wants, but I have no words, no.

Baby pardones-moi si je fais un faux pas.

Baby, forgive me if I make a misstep.

I'm leaving in a few hours. I'll miss you guys. Occasionally.

Alright, maybe a bit more frequently, but don't expect too much. I don't want to get too homesick.

"Je vous aimais,
mais je suppose que cela n'était pas suffisant," said the mother.