And They Thought They Knew Me...

I'm like Batman. I'm like Clark Kent (no, not Superman, because he wore his undies outside). I'm like...

Actually, I tend to think of myself as a lump of tofu. Originality in writing is - occasionally, when the mood strikes me - my forte, but in the matter of personality, a fruit salad has more personality than me.

I am a slab of tofu. Sad, isn't it? Humans have gone through many years of living, diversity, adversity and thought revolutions, yet here I am, content at being a white mass of taste sucker.

Ah, alas, I digress. I am not Batman, Clark Kent or even a lump of tofu.

I am Faranza Syns -  university student, struggling through life-threatening bouts of hormone imbalance, comforting herself with unbelievably raunchy fantasies; aspiring author, trying to out-do her other evil nemeses while convincing herself that her unfinished books would miraculously come to life and finish themselves one day; little girl - with a dream to make it big.

So far, it's still a dream. But hey, I've still got time. ;)