February 11, 2008

Hanamitchi Fell in Love

As dictated by Faranza Syns

Dear reader,

Regretfully I shall have to inform you that I have fallen in love... again.

This usually happens thrice a year, but sometimes the amount exceeds expectations. Oh, but the euphoria! Could I really be in love this time?

Of course, one usually needs a real human to fall in love with, but then again, it's still it, isn't it?

Imagine... a Dark-Hunter named Kyrian of Thrace. Ooh, be still my beating heart! Dream-Hunters could be nice as well... and Were-Hunters! My lord, sinful!

Oh, this is so sweet...

But then again, I'm a person who usually gives herself a self-respecting slap when she starts getting dribbly and salivates over dead, unalive, imagination-formed characters. And I just delivered that slap to myself a minute ago.

To think that the author that created these marvelous- wonderful! - creatures is actually very well reknowned. I envy her. She had such faith in what she wanted to do, what she knew she wanted...

Let's just say she helped me find my way. I lost track of myself -- couldn't decide what I wanted to write, who I wanted to write it for, what I wanted to bring across to my readers...

She helped me loads, in an indirect kinda way.

All hail the-creatures-that-go-bump-in-the-night!


February 1, 2008

The Birth of Hanamitchi

As dictated by Faranza Syns

I promise, I will stick with this blog.

Well, actually, that was what I promised a few months ago on another blog. Haih, my faithlessness is quite a nuisance. :p

Actually, this isn't the first blog I've created, and definitely not the first and most top on my list of evergrowing blogs. But then again, since I actually spotted Afzy's blog, I thought... "I could
actually use another blog." Ehem. Yes, I admit. This sin I have of changing blogs periodically is undeniable.

Anyways, I was actually quite bored. Didn't quite know how to spend my time in front of the com. Since my friendster had nothing new, and my gaia acc still has 24K of gold to it, and I had nothing to check, so I went to google. And searched:

"3 Amanah, Choral Speaking."


Honestly, what exactly did I expect? That was like a year ago and who'd wanna do anything about what my class performed last year? But then, I saw Afzy's blog. And me being me, I clicked.


By the way, nice blog, afzy. Made me laugh.

Anyway, then I got to thinking, hey, Selenity Jade used a blog to post her stories, maybe I should, too. And a place to take out all that tension (thank you, Form 4, for helping me gain a lot of those) could be nice--that is, IF I could actually remember that I had a blog here. So, defying that little part of my brain shouting "Stop, you idiot! You're wasting space for others and killing the planet with your gluttony!" I just created this blog.

Thus, that's exactly how Hanamitchi was borne.


The origin of Hanamitchi:

1. Aja's words, I suppose. Or maybe it was Afzan... or Kye Li... or Yin...
2. My name's, Farhana, but suddenly it got shortened to Hannah.
3. THEY began watching "Hanazakari No Kimitachi E" and "Hana Yori Dango", J-Dramas introduced by our Student's Affairs Head, no less.
4. THEY somehow made the connection of the bolded HANAS up there and my FarHANA.
5. Hannah got translated to Hana Kimi.
6. Finally, an inpulsive mouth from one of THEM changed it all to HANAMITCHI.

arigatou for giving me an idea for this blog, guys. Really appreciate it. (cue, sarcasm)