December 27, 2010

Headful of Coconut Trees

As dictated by Faranza Syns

Currently listening to: Love is Ouch - 2NE1

It's the holidays now. Wheeee~

Actually, at first, I was a bit reluctant to go on a midterm break because I know with utmost certainty that I would definitely not finish any of my assignments at home (article review, research fieldwork, poetry presentation on William Wordsworth, article for BENSS Newsletter, Arabic phonetic research for Linguistics - GAH, SO MUCH!) which is definitely what I am doing now.

Am currently at my grandma's house in Penang. Dad set up the internet - WHOOT! I guess I feel kinda bad for making him go to such lengths for me. Usually we just sit around - bored - at Maktok's house. Hence, I showed great reluctance in coming here. And I hate having to pack and having to rush in the morning (no matter how early I wake up to get ready, I always seem to be late). But now, I don't seem to feel so bad - partly because of the internet, and partly because I don't have to clear the table since we had dinner outside. Teehee.

Currently playing: Genie (Japanese Version) - So Nyuh Shi Dae

I'm fine with doing the dishes, but I prefer to leave it in the hands of my sisters since all this time I've been doing the dishes while they lazed away. I know, I know, lazing around is not a good example for my sister, but turnabout is fair-play.

Anyways, I've been thinking of resuming my writing career, since I'll be having a very long holiday after my finals. And I'll be going to the main campus in Gombak within 6 months - WHOOT! Since I'm not taking a short semester (7 weeks), I'll be getting a damn long resting period.

Aim for pre-Gombak hols:

  • Get back on the road - renew driving skills.
  • Work at Kumon with Aunt Atie
  • Brainstorm with Amanda on new, realistic novel (driving skill will come in handy for research purposes)
  • Attend Arabic classes with Mama (might have to pay for classes with own money?)
  • Go on a run at least 4 days every week
  • Hunt down new 2NE1 songs

Hmm, maybe a bit ambitious.

Listening to: Go Away - 2NE1

There's a 80% chance that I'll be doing then what I am doing now - not doing what I've told myself I'd do.

Gahaaa. I've got my head in the clouds - and it's damn hard to be any way else.

Signing out again,
Faranza Syns