January 19, 2011

More Than Time

As dictated by Faranza Syns

I have no idea why my passion to blog makes a comeback only now, when I'm about 5 weeks to graduating (2 academic weeks, 3 examination weeks). Soon, it'll be bye-bye IIUM Nilai, and helloooo Gombak.

Aen: Kat Gombak nanti aku nak cari boyfriend baru ah.

Lol. Gombak, International Islamic University of Malaysia's main campus is a mating ground of sorts for college students. IIUM even has rooms for married couples to rent. Me and Aen were like "WOW." Especially since those rooms have hot water and oh-so-cool facilities.

Me: We need to plan now. Make sure that we get a husband at the campus.

Believe me, Aen has even started scouting for IIUM students in Gombak. She has her heart set on an Engineering Kuliyyah student. These past few nights have been really focused and serious nights where she stalked blogs and Facebook profiles - it's for our future after all.

But those thoughts aside, I can't help but feel that I'll miss Nilai. It's been my home for close to a year now. Nilai is like my home. We learned to say that in Arabic today. How did it go again?

كأن الجامعتي أسرتي


I'll miss our scary-crazy schedules here, especially term two. 8 subjects in a semester. Heck, on Tuesdays, our class starts at 8, breaks at 1 to 2, then resumes until 7! I can't believe we still got what Madam Shamimah taught during the last two hours. I guess we're freaks (as Madam Adibah so fondly calls us).

In fact, last Tuesday, when I finally escaped the C Block (academic block) at 7.10 p.m., I saw that the street lights had already come on.

Then did it really occur to me that we really do end our classes really late.



BEN students' latest addiction:

Transcribing. Heck, in BAW, we passed along "secret" messages using the English IPA symbols.

Refer to above picture.

The second line was a response by Nadia herself. Haha.

Nadia loves Ata'
--> No!


Madam Azimah once had to say the word shit, but instead, she transcribed it.

/ ʃɪt /

Madam Azimah: Now you can all write in codes. *smiles*

Tarrant wasn't really happy with the new sort of knowledge I gained.

Tarr: So... it's just a glorified way of writing shit.

I know he's just setting up his own little strawman, so I didn't fall for it.

We all know it's really more than that. =)


Shafawati Shaharizan, you are truly talented. =)



On my way to buy lunch (at around 12.30 p.m.), I saw a girl carrying a bag, and walking into a taxi.


Wargh! So jealous! I've class tomorrow and Friday, hence I'm stuck here. This week has been hectic (Alhamdulillah my shoes are are already broken in - I almost can't feel my pinky toe), and I was really hoping that tomorrow we would be free (Thaipusam!), but Madam Adibah told us we have to present out Poetry presentations on Thursday.

Mdm Adibah: Unless - of course- if you're celebrating Thaipusam. In which case I would need pictures. *insert typical Madam Adibah laugh*

Anyways, that did not really matter since we had a FIM1113 class for the whole day instead. Hmph.

But all that aside, I know I'm gonna miss all this one day. It takes time, and a little bit more, for that sense of longing to crop up, as is always with life.

Oh, we ungrateful humans.

Madam Adibah: Us humans are always looking out for trouble. It's why my husband married me.

I miss BEN Nilai already.

/aɪ lʌv juː
aɪəl mɪs juː/