May 21, 2010

While we were making lurrrrrve...

As dictated by Faranza Syns

It was weird listening to the main actress for Carolina Moon say "making love" in a scared, anxious statement because how she said it was sort of like "making luuuuve". It seriously spoiled the whole scene.

But that aside, I digress. Tomorrow is the registration day for IIUM. The funny thing is, I haven't even finished packing. I've signed the contracts and agreements and the dastardly declaration form, but I haven't put all my stuff into my bag, nor have I completed the Personal Details Form... and I have to fill up two copies of it. Eeesh.

Seriously, I don't think I'm even mentally prepared for IIUM. I keep thinking "Hey... you have more than 17 hours left - what's the rush?" when really, in stark reality, I really don't have that much time to prepare, if I discount sleep.

Gah, I'm doomed.

*deep breaths*

Wish me luck for BEN, guys. I think I'll need lots of it. Lots, lots of it.

Oh, and as a silver lining of sorts, I think I can now proudly declare myself a legal user of the road. (translation: I finally got my P license. Whoot!)


May 18, 2010


As dictated by Faranza Syns

When you've been a slacker for more than two months, it's nearly impossible for you to not develop the habit of sleeping in. Heck, you don't have school to rush to (and homework to finish last minute) so why bother? I have to be honest, I've completely forgotten what it feels like to have an early morning shower. The first time I did take one this month (because I had to get ready before 7 a.m. to go for my driving exam) I shook, shivered and basically walked out of the bathroom stiffly with my teeth chattering non-stop - it sounded like bones rattling in a bloody coffin. It was that cold (and the fact that my sisters didn't switch off the air-conditioner really wasn't contributing to my comfort and peace of mind).

Anyways, today, I went to school with my sisters. Hence, again, the early morning shower. Let me tell you something about early morning showers - you go in, get under the shower for a minute (quick! Wet your body, lather on the soap, wash your body, exit!) dry your body, get out of the bathroom, and jump into your clothes. That was my routine for early morning showers this morning. Partially because I had 5 minutes to get ready, and my dad was already starting on the Subuh prayers.

But it's purrrty ("pretty" said in a very blearghy tone) nice knowing that I've not lost my touch at getting ready under 5 minutes. Gad, we were trained to be quick at NS, damn it. The JLs (jurulatih) cheated, I tell you. We had to go for Wirajaya, and the KJL (Ketua Jurulatih) told us that we would be going on the next day, and that day itself was "full-dress rehearsal", to make sure that we could get all the materials and stuff we needed (mess tin, check; backpack, check; ponchos, check).

But it turned out that at around 2 in the afternoon, we were all called to the hall to supposedly listen to a briefing on Wirajaya. Fair enough, we thought, and sat there on the floor, hunched with our sleepy faces (briefings were bohhhhring, but since I'm a goody-goody two shoes, I listened). After the briefing, we were called to get into our groups within our platoons, and the group leader and assistant group leader (me. Hee. I was assistant to the Ketua Wirawati, you know. She was from our company, and she hand-picked me to be her assistant. Wah, bangga) had to go get the stuff that we needed for Wirajaya.

What was suspicious about it all though, was the fact that we were all given a tablet each to be eaten (in case we get malaria and stuff). We all ate it, but went sort "Eh? Wirajaya hari ni ke?"

So, me and Pui Yi (Ketua Wirawati) went to take the stuff for our tent. After we've stuffed everything into our backpacks, and everyone was settled, the KJL got us all to sit down. Then, he said, "Baiklah, sekarang, saya nak kamu balik ke bilik kamu, dan pack barang kamu macam mana kamu nak bawa pergi Wirajaya esok. Sekarang pukul 2.40... saya nak kamu siap pukul 4."

That was when everyone went "Alamak, mati! Wirajaya hari ni, dowh!" Me being a person who doesn't fall for rumours and conjecture, I ignored that, and went back to my dorm. In Pollux (the name of my dorm, It's the name of a giant star, by the way. Bigger than the Sun) however, all the girls were in a frenzy, moving about in a nervous wreck of worry. Everyone believed that Wirajaya was going to be on that day. And suddenly, it clicked. I knew that they were really serious. The staff were bamming us! Saja-saja nak kenakan orang! So, we packed seriously, half rushing off to the bathroom to take a bath, half stuffing as much stuff as they can into the given backpacks. My darling Ketua Wirawati (whom we joked was actually secretly a Wira in disguise due to her very short hair and very tomboy-ish tendencies) even put a can of red beans into our team backpack. It was hilarious. But it wasn't hilarious when they blew the whistle at 3 o'clock.

Heck, we got ready within 20 minutes! We weren't given a chance. So, there we were, in full celoreng, jumping around with our boots half on, half off, our feet clad in worsted grey socks, and "PREEEEEEEEEEEET!" the whistle went.

I think the one sound we all hate (and probably miss till this day) is the sound of the whistle. Morning Physical Training at 5.30, "PREEEEEEEEET PREEET PREEET!"; rollcall (6 times a day), "PREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!"; emergency meetings, "PREEEEEEEEEEEEEEET PREEEEEEEEEEEEEET!"; when Pui Yi gets annoyed that we haven't made a move to where we were supposed to go, "PREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-PREEEE-PREEE-PREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! (otherwise translated into "Cepatlah, bodoh. Nanti kena kawad kaki, kau juga yang bising)".

Mahai. (note, the length and degree of annoyance of the sound depends on who blows the whistle, Pui Yi or Qayyum)

And so we rushed to Dewan Wirajaya again, with our stuff in tow.

That was when the bomb was dropped on us.

"Sebenarnya, kamu akan pergi Wirajaya hari ni."

There were a lot of excited faces amidst the pissed-off glares.

"Tapi cikgu bangga yang kamu semua boleh siap dengan begitu cepat. Memang hebat."

Hmmh. Silver tongued, I say.

After giving us a briefing, we were given 10 minutes to do with as we will. To the Muslim candidates, it was either pray, or get your evening snack. It was a tough decision, but I'm proud of those who forwent the meal. We only got to eat about 6 hours after that. Well, it depended on when you're called out to do a mission (navigation, search and rescue, Kembara Duga, etc.)

I was leader for Navigation. =)

Wirajaya is a very big deal. It's when they take us into the forest and they test how we apply what we've learned up to that point. It's the climax of a pretty awesome adventure, or something like that. We were be brought to our "base camp" in the forest, and we set up camp according to platoons and company. Then we guarded our camp from intruders, namely JLs who were given the role of spy, which was a funny scenario, but we pretended it was damn DAMN serious. And that just made it even more fun.

I can't post up any photos since we went into the forest pretty late and by the time the missions were underway, it was already dark. Only Kembara Duga was done in dwindling daylight. Even Cikgu Jach (the acknowledged "pro" photographer) couldn't take any pictures because we were guarding our camps so tightly. If any of the "spies" get into our camp, we're considered inept Wira and Wirawati and our training pointless since the it would be assumed that we have failed Wirajaya, the final exam of sorts.

... Wow... I think that was my longest digression. I was talking about how we were trained to prepare quick and fast at NS and I ended up reminiscing.

But it feels good to reminisce once in a while.

I think it's a bit... weird... and sad that I was the only person at the NS camp who shed merely a tear or two instead of a whole river when it came to the time for us all to part ways. I was the one comforting people and taking things very sensibly. Even the Commandant looked at me with some sort of admiration (he later on texted me asking if I were an elder child and I said yes. He said "patutlah you tak menangis.")


I don't like crying over things that I knew I was going to lose. And I don't like acting like we're never going to see each other again. There's always that chance meeting, one day. And even if you do not meet each other again, why cry over it? Instead of regretting the parting, you should rejoice in the meeting. Because we were lucky enough to have met each other, and to have had to share a special bond (heck. 3 months of sleeping together and bathing together counts for something no?). Don't cry and regret the fact that you won't see another person again. It's not like technology died in the wake of you leaving. There's still ways for you to keep in contact.

Move on, but keep in touch. Eventually, in this world, you'll have to part with things and people you think you can't live without. But then, till you do, you'll never know your own strength.

That's what parting is I guess - a test of your inner strength.

Or maybe just a test of how hardhearted you can be when you want to be. =)


As I've mentioned before, I went to school this morning. And decided on the new debate team. Before that, I lingered around school and met a lot of teachers (who most went "Wah, dah kurus!") and also bumped into a few prefects and students who knew me ("waaah!", *gasp!* and "hiiii!"). Gaik Xuang's reaction is the best; she looked at me, and then went in her most monotonous voice "hi...". Sigh. So happy to see me till you get lethargic? I wonder. Sheng on the other hand merely looked guilty (itu la dia... skip debate yesterday lagi.)

Didn't do much today except I had three contracts in my bag that needed to be signed by the Principal.

Until I found out that the Principal was not around. *cue: dramatic music (dun dun dunnnnn)*

Then, I re-read the guide to the contract and found out the Principal's Right Hands (as in the Head of Administration, Head of Students' Affairs and Head of Co-Curricular) can sign it too.

So I looked for Pn Rohana. And found out she was not around too. *cue: dramatic music (dun dun dunnnnn)*

Nearly giving up hope, I looked for Pn Ng instead. Alas, I was quite brutally cut off by a very busy Pn Ng (*cue: discordant sound of piano key being smacked*) so I searched for Pn Rozita next.

*cue: heavenly sound*

She finally signed it.

Now, I am free!

By the way, I read the Declaration form inserted in the Admission Form Booklet for IIUM and CFS.

This was very interesting:

"...not to indulge in an form of relationship with the same or the opposite sex as is forbidden by the Shariah (divine law) in and off the campus..."

I told you I can't get a boyfriend in IIUM.

"...This Declaration Form is a very important LEGAL DOCUMENT..."

Yeap. Very serious. I can't break that deal I made. Nope, no boyfriend. My sabbatical is safe.

Wow. That means I really don't have to worry about boyfriends. Ever. For five years. Wow.

.... Awesome.


Mom's bouquet. I wonder who took the picture.


May 13, 2010

Not a moment for crossing fingers.

As dictated by Faranza Syns

This is the fifth post that I guess might end up as a draft because I can't seem to force myself to finish it.


I got an email from someone a few days back. It made me get that "awwwh" sensation all over again. Honestly, I'd thought the said person would not be reading my blog anymore, but instead, this person has tried to read my blog. Yay!

Hence, I've decided to make my blog temporarily public again, but of course, I'll keep the old reader's list.

I think the reason I've seemed to stop blogging is because I feel pressured to finish the next chapter of Hayes, and if I don't, and I post something else instead, it would feel like I've disappointed a lot of people. So, I think it might be a wise idea to shift the WALB novel to another blog. To the 2nd blog that I have. What do you guys think? Should I?

Hell, I'm gonna end up doing it anyways, so what the hell.

Any updates will be posted on FB, and here, I suppose. =)


I think I can handle the "jalanraya" part of my driving now. It really helps that Abang Nizam doesn't snap and wrench the wheel like Abang Man does whenever I drive. He talks calmly, and chides me in a firm, but reasonable tone. Of course, he does get pissed off, but that's only because I keep doing stupid mistakes. But hey, I learn better when you don't bite my head off, so kudos to Abang Nizam for figuring that out.

Abang Nizam is... funny. He, of course, teases me about falling asleep, and he also sings out loud when I drive. Yesterday, he was singing a malay song about "satu pasangan tak cukup, dua simpanan juga tak cukup". Finally, I said to him "Hai, Abang Nizam, bila nak kahwin, oi?"

When I drive, he also turns on the air-conditioner full blast, and my fingers end up being freezing cold, and involuntarily numb. When I complained to him, he adjusted the air-conditioning vent, and it ended up being more focused on my hand. He cackled in amusement when I grumbled about it.

In the car, when he drives me and Lyn to the circuit and back home, he always comes up with funny things to say and mostly, it had a lot to do with old Malay movies, Malay movie stars, Malay music, Malay artistes, so on and so forth. When we talked about it, the only contribution I made to the conversation was me laughing. After a while, I sorta realised that I really have not been brought up to care much about Malaysia. Somehow, I've overlooked whatever happens here, and skipped right ahead to what happens outside.

Not very patriotic of me, I know. But then again...

Oh well.

Speaking of driving, I'm having my driving exams tomorrow. And courtesy of the worry and paranoia, I ended up dreaming all about driving last night. Went comatose at 12, and dreamt all about me in a car. Which is pathetic, really.

Today's my last class before the JPJ test tomorrow. I hope it goes well. I really hope it does.