June 20, 2012

While the Emotion is Still Raw

As dictated by Faranza Syns

Souls Painted Red.
by Faranza Syns

She knocked on your windowpane,
Just to see if you were doing okay,
Just to see if you were in pain,
Unafraid, she'd asked away,
She shouldn't have done that.

Because, you see,
You are doing fine,
There's no shattered glass in your eyes,
No exhausted shadows smeared,
Under your clear eyes so dear.

And she sees
Her guilt, convincingly staged,
On a battlefield laid to waste,
Had no right to be,
No claim to exist,
Just overblown excuses - emotions wrongfully played,
A sole prisoner in this torn war she'd waged.

Apologies aside,
She shouldn't have come knocking,
To see a glimpse of tear-stained grief;
Because all she now sees, is guiltless peace,
The silence calm of a sneering masterpiece,
A Mona Lisa smile that jeeringly leaves
The other suspended in no reprieve.

Fresh wounds paint her battered soul red,
She stood out there as the white cotton bled,
Seeing that hateful smile you are sporting,
In her mind, "I shouldn't have come knocking."