November 30, 2008

And, To Be Continued.

As dictated by Faranza Syns

I'm leaving.

And most probably disappearing off the face of the earth, if any of you even care.

Enjoy the respite.

For I will be back with vengeance full-blown,

Mercy be damned.

Ah, poetry.

Tu veux dire "wow", non?

Hugs, kisses, and whole lot of Hersheys (not that I can afford them, anyways).


Je sais que tu vas dire "wow".


Up There, Ten Feet High

As dictated by Faranza Syns

Ideal World - Andrea Corr

Jeanie marries when she's 21,
She has a baby one year on
And every year that's the way that life goes
Lost herself in domesticity

A cleaning, feeding entity

She can't recall what she was before

In an ideal world kids would keep their rooms tidy
In an ideal world he'd be home from his work on time
And in the morning I could lie in

Johnny signs his share of autographs

For all the people he makes laugh
And he walks home to an empty flat
Does his best to fight the silence
Late night TV vicodens
He can't forget what he had before

In an ideal world she would still think I'm funny
In an ideal world she'd be waiting in bed for me
And in the morning we could lie in
In an ideal world

Molly's sitting in a waiting room
The top doctor will see her soon

In the body nature gave her

Worried if she'll ever wake up
Wondering if she's better off
Why can't she be what she was before?

In an ideal world he would still think I'm pretty

In an ideal world he would only want bed with me

And in the morning we could lie in
In an ideal world you would make a decision
In an ideal world you'd be making a home for me

And in the morning we could lie in

Sunday mornings we could lie in

I never realised how poignant yet bitterly true the lyrics are. I suppose if you took time to listen, you'll realise.

When I first downloaded the album (yes, I'm not that supportive, but I doubt Malaysia had her album when I needed it pronto) I was quite... disappointed at how Andrea's music came out. Granted, I loved the way she sounded when she was in The Corrs. Of course, I loved Jim, Sharon and Caroline (she has the same birthday as me! *beams*) with Andrea.

When they were The Corrs, they sounded so... oh god, don't let me start. I'll keep ranting, and raving about their sound till forever has come and gone. "Borrowed Heaven" was exceptionally well-done too. Their sound changed a little, but they still sounded like "the Corrs".

Then, they decided to take a backseat from the music scene after their last album "Home".

Yes, I defended their actions to my similarly Corr-besotted sister. They wanted to focus on family, so we can't barely stop them, can we? But at the same time, I couldn't help but feel like throttling Jim, Sharon, Andrea and (I'm sorry about this) Caroline for deciding to retreat.

Then, out of the blue, I heard that Andrea was working on an album.

*cue: euphoric scream*

Ten Feet High

When I first heard the song Ten Feet High, I played it ten thousand times on my mp3 player till I fell asleep, the song in my head. If I wake up at night, I ended up reciting the lyrics just so I wouldn't forget.

Freaky, but fun. And so like me to go gaga over a Corr.

But when I finally listened to the whole album... well...

A year ago:

*Opens .rar file of Ten Feet High*

Oooh, nice.

*Listens directly to Ten Feet High. Got all into it and started singing along*

*Randomly clicks on another song.*



*Clicks on another song*


*Clicks on yet another song.*

Oooh, finally, a nice one. (Stupidest Girl in The World)

*Clicks on another song*

*Gasp!* Shame On You (To Keep My Love From Me)! Omg! I love it!

*Clicks. Clicks. Clicks. Clicks.*

What the... no more nice songs?

Yes, basically, that was what happened approximately a year ago when the album was released and I got a download in.

Then, a few months ago, I got on YouTube. Since I was on a humdrum mood, I searched videos on Andrea Corr.

BAMM! Videos of her doing an accoustic recording for some songs in Ten Feet High.

Silly me, no wonder the songs didn't sound as nice. She's more in her element when it's accoustic.

God, her voice is so rich.

Then, I heard the song "24 Hours". I went "awww... how could I have missed that song?"

And so, I went through her whole album again.

Must say, I don't mind the Corrs taking a backseat now.

Andrea (though as not as wholesome as she claims to be) will do just fine, I think.

Just fine.

"Shame On You" was a particular favourite of mine. I couldn't help but want to dedicate the song to Bush. Pity, I don't think he listens to the radio.

Shame on You (To Keep My Love From Me)

You left me thinking what a bore,
I'm always stuck inside,
I've got a feeling there is more,
And i've been left behind,
A lot of pain a lot of noise,
That these four walls hide,
Happy faces go to war,
And dance upon the mines.

Come on, come join, come join, come join us,
You're better young, come join us,
You, be a man,
Come join, come join us,
You're big and strong,
Come join us.

You planted me in forgein ground,
A pen within a hand,
At least I am'nt on my own,
In hell I have a friend,
And though I fight a sinner's shame,
It isn't my crusade,
Dirty faces in a war,
Asleep in open graves.

Come on, come join, come join, come join us,
You're better young,
Come join us
You, be a man, come join, come join us,
You're big and strong,
Come join us.

Shame on you
Shame on you
Shame on you
To keep my love from me
Shame on you
Shame on you
Shame on you
To keep my love from me
Shame on you
Shame on you
Shame on you
To keep my love from me
Shame on you
Shame on you
Shame on you
Shame on you
Shame on you
Shame on you
To keep my love from me.

Close your eyes to see it
Lock your heart to feel it
Change his name to number
But he's somebody's child.

Yes. Shame on you.

I don't wanna lie, saying it's alright,
Staring at the walls round our lives,
They were ten feet high.
No, I'm not dumb.


November 28, 2008

Tag, you're it-- again! Too bad!

As dictated by Faranza Syns

1. The last person to tag you was?
Afzan. (Finally)

2. Your relationship with him/her?

She vowed to turn gay for my sake if Mr. Right doesn't trudge along one day. What do you think?

3. Your 5 impressions towards him/her?
1) comically world-weary [in brackets: =_='']
2) sweet talker
3) willing to sacrifice (credits) just so her friends know she loves them
4) best hugger
5) keeps her sorrows to herself

4. The most memorable thing that she/he has ever done for you?
Vows to turn gay if there's no right man for me. But I kinda disagree. Because then I'd have to change my physique into what resembles a male. So I think I'll settle for "She was there when I needed her most. And yes, she says I'm hot although we pretty much can see otherwise. Love you, babe!"

5. The most memorable word that she/he has said to you?
=_='' Go to sleep.

6. If she/he becomes your lover, you..
will MOST DEFINITELY NOT change my sex.

7. If she/he becomes your enemy, you will
steal her cats.

8. If he/she becomes your lover, he/she has to improve on
not haranguing me to change my sex.

9. If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason is
She planned an elaborate getaway to Australia and forgot to tell me about it. And forgot to include me in the little getaway. (I still don't get why you can't let me follow you to Australia, even for just one day. Just to breathe the Aussie air. No?). Haha. Okay, it's hard to imagine us being enemies. So, I think one of the reasons would be pigs have started sprouting wings and are inordinately trying to fly.

10. The most desirable things to do for him/her are.

  • Buy a whole collection of great j-drama, k-drama and whatever dramas of the Asian persuassion. Ugh, I sound like Janet Jackson.
  • Write a story, publish it, and dedicate it to her.
  • Be her wailing pillow when she's down. (Okay, maybe not so desirable to be truthful, but hey, that's what friends are for.)

11. Overall impression towards him/her is

I call her and she listens. And I love her for that.

12. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
. . . . . .
Yes, I'm giving the silent answer.

13. Who is your ideal?
I know you aren't supposed to discard your ideals like yesterday's oatmeal, so I'll get straight this time. My ideal would be a man (yes, a man) who doesn't really understand me, but is willing to pitch in a try. A man who makes me melt, but makes me stronger. A man willing to support me through my crazy schemes. A man who is my sounding board when I go (pardon the pun) overboard. A man who can beat me when I decide to get down and dirty (in my language, that means when I decide to turn up the "tough" mode and start debating with him) but when he wins, he'll make me feel good about it. Maybe gloat awhile, but get the drift that I might be upset, and smiles and makes everything right again. A man who demands my attention, and whom I'm willing to sacrifice my time for. A man worthy enough of my love and heart. A man who is definitely the paragon of what you males out there are not.

So, pretty much, I'm safe from you fiends.

God, seriously. There is no such thing as ideal.

14. What do you hate about yourself?
Obsession. But I'm currently getting over that, so wish me luck.
Next up would be paranoia.

15. For the people who care for you and like you, say something about them?
Hugs, kisses and a whole lot Hersheys.

16. 5 people to tag answer:
  • Tarrant, just because he says he wouldn't

This oh-I've-done-it-scores-of-times tag game ends with Tarrant's name. And hey, since he won't be doing it, the world has righted itself again.

Joy, oh joy.

You've got a map of the past engraved on your face,
But your strange heart is the heart of a boy.


November 27, 2008


As dictated by Faranza Syns

Never. God, I couldn't resist.
And my influence had nothing to do with it.


And yes, Kye Li, it is built to last.
Every minute detail, every second,
Yes, it's built to last.

Alpha, I Heart You.
All over again.


Only because you wanted to play tag.

As dictated by Faranza Syns

1. The last person to tag you was?

2. Your relationship with him/her?
We enjoy many sleepless nights doing very productive activities. Filled with moans and sighs and... you know the drift. It was exams. What could we do?

3. Your 5 impressions towards him/her?
1) quite--okay, okay, very-- knowledgable about the acts of copulation
2) expressive. Very expressive. (Especially the Chua Soi Lek incident.)
3) supportive of whatever I do. *ahem*
4) an addict to certain types of stories
5) caring (if you haven't seen that side of her, then SHAME on you.)

4. The most memorable thing that she/he has ever done for you?
gave me a boost when I was really down. Especially during exam. Thanks, babe.

5. The most memorable word that she/he has said to you?
"I wanna fuck you hard." Or my very personal favourite: "I'll lick you dry..."

6. If she/he becomes your lover, you..
will most probably kill myself all over again. I just survived being Aja's lover. And the idea of being bisexual all over again can be potentially harmful.

7. If she/he becomes your enemy, you will
sell her sex-videos online.

8. If he/she becomes your lover, he/she has to improve on
*ahem* You do things so well, babe, that if you improve anymore, you'll kill me.

9. If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason is
She went on a wild night with Julia and forgot all about me. (now, where have I heard this before?)

10. The most desirable things to do for him/her are.

  • Get her a Chua Soi Lek VCD. (what the heck; i'll buy you a Hollywood rated porn if I could one day.)
  • Smack her ass.
  • Just be there when she needs me.
11. Overall impression towards him/her is
There when I needed her and gives me the boost I needed when I was down in the slums.

12. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
I answered this already. Must I repeat myself?

13. Who is your ideal?
I've changed my mind. Make it Gregory Bridgerton. We'll have smart conversations until late at night. Then he'll crack some jokes. I'll laugh. Then I'll crack a joke. And he'll laugh. Then, we'll stare into each other's eyes and fall in love for the ten-thousandth time and we'll fall into bed and do things you people don't have to know about.

14. What do you hate about yourself?
My fear of jumping off cliffs. I'm being very abstract here. God, thanks a million, Zi Kang. Being with you a whole year has turned me into this.
And ugh, how come I miss you? Haha.

15. For the people who care for you and like you, say something about them?
You people are... indescribable. I just love you guys.

16. 5 people to tag answer:
  • Afzan (again. DO IT. I wanna know!)
  • Kyeli (I tagged you once. And I see nothing as of yet)
  • Alia Zurina (It'll be interesting to find out.)
  • Anonymous (okay, I'm taking this one step too far. So scratch that)
  • Kimmy (If you ever come back here for a visit, that is)
  • Laine (Miss you loads.)


Ah, puck. I miss E Von. And Zi Kang. And... hmm..


I'll pester Zi Kang for that candle-light dinner he owes me. Haha.

I don't think I'll be blogging that frequently anymore. It's sad how much you're draining me, bloggie.

Ah, heck, I'll miss you so freakin' much. It makes me want to cry, really. But I'll start on that novel I've been neglecting. So, that's one outlet for my frustration.

God, bloggie, I'll realy, really miss you. I'm only blogging today because (refer title)

And I can't stand tags. I just have to do 'em.

I'm gonna finish that book. In between getting peeks of Julia Quinn's novel. *groan* Why are the Bridgertons so hot? Gregory, Gregory, Gregory... *groan*

Anyways, hugs and kisses!


"You're my friend. How can you ever disappoint me?"
Pretty words.


"Like a Cat in Heat Stuck in A Moving Car"

As dictated by Faranza Syns

How very original.

My first post after the first hundred. I'm proud of myself, seriously. Suppose I start all over again?

I checked my first post.

It sounded so cute.

So shall I begin the next hundred with my alter ego?

The bitchy one.

Take a chance, you stupid ho.

Yeah, definitely.

Ohh, you touch my tra-la-la. Mmm, my ding ding dong.

That is SO wrong. Hahaha. Gunther's overdone accent is so cute. But the lyric is a bit... lol.

I guess my alter-ego decided not to come out now. Hmmm... I guess we'll just have to settle with plain old me. Not that anyone is reading my blog anyways.


Amanda, let's be Beta Readers. God knows people need us. Haha.

Remember that arrangement we had? That I'd write stories and you'd edit them? And the thingy we promised about you going for editting courses whilst I'll go for creative writing classes?

Okay, what happened to them?

I guess the answer is "Gee, Farhana, you're the one who doesn't wanna go for ANYTHING."

Sorry. Haha.


*1 hour later*

I just got beat.

I think I'll kill myself now. Where's that rope?

Oh, and hey, here's a draft of my will:

Gather all my stuff, and carry out a garage sale.

My incomplete stories go to Amanda. Edit it, and publish it. I don't care if you put it under your name. As long as it gets published. Then laugh at Tarrant's face, will you, if it gets good reviews?

To everyone else, grab whatever reminds you of me best. My glasses, my so-called-porno story books, my perfume, my bedsheets (although why you would want it, I have no idea) and my "pile-of-junk".

My jewelleries are not genuine, so no point in fighting over them.

Except for the crystal bracelet, that is.

My handphone goes to my sister.

The leftovers of my "Farewell Tags" go to anyone who didn't get one. Although, I have a feeling no one cares. If no one wants them, take a picture of them, then throw them into the fire. Frame the picture, and put a caption there, "Farhana's artistic brilliance."

My SD Card goes to Amanda, because what's inside is so incriminating, I don't think you guys will wake up from the shock.

My clothes go to the homeless. I think. Ah heck, decide yourself, whoever you are.

I'm being melodramatic here; I don't have time for details.

Haha. Well, screw the will. I'm not gonna die. Well, not at my own hands, that is.

Didn't you know? I have UHU glue to piece my life back together again.

I don't need that rope, so use it to tie something else. No need for a noose.

I'm alive, so thank God. At least another human who'll blunder through life till the end.


Time, heal it. NOW.


November 25, 2008

When the Autumn Leaves Blush

As dictated by Faranza Syns

When The Autumn Leaves Blush
Faranza Syns

Sean Hayes had fallen in love.

Or maybe it was that chicken curry he had eaten this morning with that stale bread. His latter theory was proven when he was found by his classmate, bent over a toilet bowl. He had been heaving and retching at an alarming rate that no one dared to move him. Not one inch.

Misery twisted every limb in his body -- it ached at places he never knew existed.

Funny how similar love and food poisoning could be.

One of his sympathetic, soft-hearted female classmates approached him and touched his shoulder. Sean was sprawled, unmoving, over the toilet seat. "Sean? Are you okay?"

"I feel like barfing again."

She scurried back, arms opened wide, pushing back against her other classmates as if she were protecting them from the force of his words.

What the hell were they doing here anyway? he wondered, his cheek laid down on the cool ceramic surface of the toilet bowl. This was the boys' toilet.

He felt his stomach heave again and he quickly turned his face towards the hole of the toilet. His retching was so loud in his ears that he could not hear the cries of disgust and the moans of misery his classmates seemed to be cheerfully eliciting.

But he did hear the feminine mewl of "Eww... that's so gross!"

Die. He was dying. That was the only answer. Maybe this was God's sign that he had only a few more days to live. He only wished that the retching wouldn't be so horrible. Or so embarrassing. Sean felt the stinging tears come to his eyes as he stared at the floor, his head resting against the ceramic bowl.

Why must there be a crowd? Viciously, he swiped at the tears. He could not even die in peace, could he? During his funeral, the only thing people would remember would be him with his head down a toilet bowl.

Not a nice image to bring to your grave.

"Hey guys, come on, leave him alone," he heard a girl say. It was not one of his classmates though. He stroked his abused tummy and reached up blindly to flush the toilet. A hand reached there before his did and flushed the toilet for him.

"We don't wanna—” one of the boys began to object.

"Shh! That's one of the Dorwoods!" another voice hushed him hurriedly in an overloud stage whisper.

Though Sean had his head bent down, he could hear the rustle of a skirt, then the sound of someone squatting beside him.

"You guys had better leave now, he needs space,” said the female voice again, her tone gently coaxing yet firm and nearly imperious.

There was the sound of murmurs, then suddenly, it was all quiet. He felt a gentle hand run down his back comfortingly. "You okay?"

He half-expected a replay of the scene with his classmates. Angered, although grateful, he reached out to push her away.

He couldn't even nudge her.

Instead of falling back on her backside, the girl grabbed his hand and held on tight.

It was comforting, he realised with sudden shock. She was trying to comfort him.

"I called the nurse. She had to wrap up some stuff at the infirmary. Can you wait a while?" She was still rubbing his back. God, this was so embarrassing. A girl was seeing him this weak. Acting like a sissy, crying on a toilet bowl. But he couldn't help it. He felt so miserable. His stomach would not settle and his whole body felt hot and cold alternately. He wanted to move and stand up. To show her that he could handle a little bit of food poisoning. But he had wasted most of his reserve of energy on vomiting his guts out.

And then, Sean Hayes cried for the first time in front of a girl. He sobbed uncontrollably, his whole body shaking and rocking and...

Wait, he was not really shaking.

He stopped long enough to realise that the girl herself was crying on his shoulder.


"Don't cry, you idiot!" she yelled. She hiccuped and sobbed. "If I see someone cry, I HAVE to cry along!"

Sean raised his head a little to stare incredulously at the girl. He shook his head as if trying to clear it, then felt dizzy. But the incredulity of the situation was mind-boggling.

"It's a--hic--natural re-re-reaction... in me. I just ha-have to c-cry whenever I see someone c-cry..." she let out a mewl of distress as she continued crying. She was crying and heaving and hiccupping on his shoulder.

The girl wasn't crying because she was worried about him. She was crying because she HAD to.

He blinked. Then, the humour in the situation caught up with him, but not enough to penetrate the cloud of misery shrouding his brain. He felt like laughing but settled for a smile instead.

This was one weird girl.

"I...” he began, croaking. “I need to get up.”

She paused in her crying, then looked up. Sean rubbed his temples as he looked away. Although the situation was actually laughable, he had still cried in front of a girl, and it was downright embarrassing.

"Okay,” sniffled. “Oh, wait a second." She got up from his side, and went to the sink. He heard the water run and envied her chance to compose herself. She could wash her face before the nurse came, but from how weak he felt right now, if he walked, he might just topple over, hit his head on the toilet bowl and really end up dead.

"Here, take it." She held a handkerchief in front of him. It was wet. Gingerly, he grabbed the scrap of cloth from her hand and stared at it as long seconds passed. "I uh… I need to use the loo for a while," she suddenly said nervously. "I'll be back." Then, she seemed to take in that it was the boys' toilet she was in, and an adorable blush came over her. "I-I..." she let out a distressed sound and looked away from the urinals on the wall. Sean really felt like laughing suddenly.

He stared as she marched forcefully into one of the stalls and closed the door. He could imagine her cringing in there. The Boys' toilet never was a candidate for "the cleanest toilet of the region" award.

She must be sitting quietly there, counting the minutes it would take for him to compose himself. Sean smiled, and wiped his face with her handkerchief.

If his nose wasn't so plugged up with his vomit, he knew he would be able to appreciate the scent clinging on the hanky. Pretty. It smelled pretty. Sean stared at the scrap of cloth, and grinned lopsidedly. He never knew things could smell pretty.

Before he could form his next thought, the door to the Boys' Toilet was thrown open with a resounding bang.

Somehow, the sound echoed in his head. And travelled down to his stomach. The instantaneous urge to splay out his innards was hard to resist.

He was once again draped over the toilet bowl.

"My God, Mr. Hayes!" the nurse’s voice hit a discordant note.

He doubted he was God. Maybe the nurse who threw open the door violently was having hallucinations. Great. At least when they asked him if he really did have his head down the toilet bowl, he could say the nurse went actually cuckoo in the head. She was acting all gaga anyways.

"Ms. O'Connor!" the nurse’s strident voice made a second ear-splitting appearance.

Sean heard a choked sound. Then, the now familiar sound of distress came out softly. He lifted his head and looked sideways. There she stood, looking as guilty as sin.

"What are you doing in the boy's toilet?" the nurse questioned, her voice ringing shrill.

Sean moaned. Wasn't she supposed to be worrying about the matter of his life and death? Why the heck would she ... care… if... God, why did his head feel so drowsy?

"Nurse," he heard the girl say faintly. The voice sounded firm, despite its dwindling clarity. “Mr. Hayes is sick. I was just here to help him."

"Why were you in the cubicle, then?" the nurse demanded piercingly.

There was a long moment of silence. "I was puking," she answered with a straight face.

Sean nearly laughed at that. If only he could just lift his head and take in a deep breath that he needed to produce that laughter.

"Nurse, hurry!" the girl urged.

O'Connor, huh? She sounded like some colonel, ordering people around. Then, delicate fingers touched his arm.

"I really was puking, you know?" came her soft, slightly amused voice.

Sean smiled weakly as he felt strong arms scoop him up. He turned his head and saw the school gardener’s face peer down worriedly at him.

He shifted to look at the girl, his eyes clouded with worry. "It's ok, big guy," the girl whispered. "It's ok."

His eyes grew heavy. He was going to shut his eyes. Just for a minute.

A cool draft of wind chilled his nose. He opened his eyes, his movements languorous. A stray leaf landed right on his face. He groaned, unable to summon the energy to swat it away. A small tinkle of laughter trilled over the sound of leaves being crushed beneath hard-soled shoes. The offending leaf was miraculously removed.

"You okay?" the girl questioned, a pretty smile curving her lips, painting her face in the most tender of ways. Pretty. How he wished he could find a better word. But hey, in between retching his guts out and being saved by a girl, he didn't have time to refer to the dictionary.

"Pretty," he croaked.

"Hmm? Oh!" the girl looked up. "Yes, the leaves are pretty, aren't they?"

Sean chuckled to himself, smiling weakly.

"It's one of the reasons I love the fall,” she smiled up at him.

He heard the sound of car door being pulled open. Gently, he was placed on leather seats. He tried scooting further in, to make place for the girl.

Only to get the door slammed at his face.

Wait, wasn't she coming, too? The sudden panic set his body to moving.

"Whoa, there, boy. Easy now."

Sean paused. "Isn't she coming, too?"

"She's... well, no."


"Sit tight, now, Hayes. You're sick as a dog."

No, he wasn't. Well, he was sick, but he wasn't a dog, that is. With face contorted, he looked out the window.

She had a leaf in her hand. Her beautiful, tender smile washed over him as she waved the leaf at him. He waved back. A funny feeling disturbed his stomach. Alarmed, he clamped his mouth shut. But nothing came up.

As the car pulled away, he stared at the fading figure of the girl.

Funny. Love really did feel like food poisoning.

Sean leaned back against the cushioned seat and a weak smile curved his lips. Maybe food poisoning really wasn't that bad.


Bad, Bad Penny

As dictated by Faranza Syns

My blog is so public now, I don't know if I can continue crying in it.

Suddenly, I'm so sick of holding on. And yes, that's a lyric from Darren Hayes.

Remember my PM when I said: When you start quoting emo songs, then you know you're in deep shit?

This is one of those ah-crap-it's-in-my-eye moments.

Sometimes I wish I could just bite off my tongue.

But that'd cause too much pain. And hey, I won't be able to say my witty lines anymore, and then who would cheer you guys up?

Well, there's always the blog, I suppose.


Pardon, I'm about to have my oh-the-world-sucks moment, so ignore the gaping, black hole below.

Fuck you.

Yes, I seem to adore beginning my oh-so-emo posts with those words. Believe it or not, I'm just so sick of you. Why can't you just go poof?! It'd help me live my life with a semblance of sanity. Please, please, please go away. Fade away into the background. Whatever happened to those songs where they say "time will heal it"? Go run along and lick your wounds. And don't look back. I beseech you. It just tires me that you have to come back, again and again, as bad as the proverbial penny.

Don't call me. Ever again. It just scares me witless when you do. I don't TALK TO GUYS ON THE PHONE. I TOLD YOU TEN GAZILLION TIMES! I JUST DON'T! Even if I do, it's just to my Head of Department, and you're NOT him. And we DON'T GO LOVEY-DOVEY like YOU tried to be. Fuck you. Just fuck off. I need peace, and I can't have it with you around. Just leave me be, and we'll part ways like sane, civilized humans.

Ah fuck, why are you calling me again? I said I can't talk to you anymore. Go AWAY. Just go, PLEASE.

You're an ex. So stay where you're supposed to be: in the past. Way, way back in the past.

God, I feel like crying. Help me, please.


Well, that was a long one. Haha.

Hmm... today's a bit draggy. And I feel real down. I don't feel like being poetic about it.

Let me put it in simple terms: I'm tired.

And heck, I'm a whole lot of pissy-energy, too.

.... Sorry. This blog is too public. I can't really say anything here. You know what? I'll just log off, and bemoan my fate somewhere else. At least it spares you guys the soreness.

But at the meantime, I want to clarify something.

I don't love Brodick anymore. Haha, why take Brodick when you can have Cam, Ethan and Philip Quinn?

"I'm just the detail man. Either of you tried to have a five minute conversation with a lawyer... well, you'd nod off from boredom, Ethan, and Cam would end up punching him. I won by default."

"Maybe." Cam grinned at him. "But you skated out of a lot of the real work by talking down the phone, writing letters, zinging off faxes. It just comes down to you being a secretary. Without the great legs and ass."

"Not only is that sexist, but I do have great legs and a terrific ass."

"Oh, yeah? Let's see 'em." He moved fast, diving and taking Phillip down onto that reputedly terrific ass.

Foolish scrambled up from his nap by the lumber and raced over to join in.

"Christ, are you crazy?" Laughter prevented Phillip from rolling free. "Get off me, you moron."

"Give me a hand here, Ethan." Cam grinned, swearing as Foolish lapped eagerly at his face. Phillip struggled half-heartedly when Cam sat on him. "Come on," he urged when Ethan merely shook his head. "When was the last time you pantsed somebody?"

"Been a while." Ethan considered as Phillip began struggling in earnest. "Maybe the last time was Junior Crawford at his bachelor party."

"Well, that's ten years ago, anyway." Cam grunted as Phillip nearly succeeded in bucking him off. "Come on, he's put on some muscle the last few months. And he's feisty."

"Maybe for old time's sake." Getting into the spirit, Ethan evaded a couple of well-aimed kicks and got a firm hold on the waistband of Phillips's jeans.

"Excuse me," was the best Sybill could manage when she walked in on an air blue with curses and the sight of Phillip being held down on the beaten-wood floor while his brothers... well, she couldn't quite tell what they were trying to do.

"Hey." Cam avoided a fist to the jaw, barely, and grinned hugely at her. "Want to give us a hand? We're just trying to get his pants off. He was bragging about his legs."

"I... hmmm."
Disclaimer: All of the above extract is not mine, but belongs to Nora Roberts, and Jove Fiction. Nora Roberts (though it's a pretty long haul that you'd ever read my blog) and anyone involved in the suing business, don't sue me, please. I have no money. The money in my bank account is not even mine, so it's kind of pointless if you want to sue me. I'm just promoting your book. See? I'm a an artless, innnocent girl with no devious designs.

Lol. Okay, I'm all good now. Phew. Quoting helps cool the anger. Wow, I never knew that. I guess that's something I should keep in mind. Next time I'll quote from some other book. Lol.

Wow. It's... *sigh*... I feel relieved really.

Anyways, I studied History today. *Wiggles eyebrows.* Surprise, surprise, Farhana actually studied during the holidays. This is a first. Definitely a first.

And I nearly finished the whole of Chapter 9. Well, that's something at least. I didn't actually throw the book out the window and scream holy murder when I finally gave up, so that's shows the condition of my sanity--pretty much, it's intact. And I did notes too. Haha, aliens must've spied me from outer space and thought I'd be a great candidate for their next brain-washing mission. But too bad, I'm only partially brainwashed. I still can't focus beyond three hours.

Oh god... I studied for three hours.

Get out the firecrackers, people! It's time to celebrate!

A toast? To my 100th post. What the hell. Even if life gets me down, I'll pick up the pieces and maybe glue them back together with a bit of UHU. It's always been that way, and it'll continue being that way.

My hundredth post.

My hundredth post.

You see? I'm not that much of a lazy ass. Haha.

I know I'm supposed to feel bad,
But me being me,
Let's just smile about it.



As dictated by Faranza Syns

Granted, I didn't really compose this beforehand. Granted, you're the best affair I've ever had. Granted, when they put us together, we heat up the room.

But little would I ever take you for granted.


Where shall I start? When I barely realise the moment we bonded. It's one of those silent things that creep up on you unawares. It's one of serendipitous moments when you look, and you find something wonderful.

When did it all begin? I can barely recall.

Maybe it was the tie-tugging scenes? Maybe it was when we exchanged knowing looks? Maybe it was kismet.

Haha, okay, that sounds wrong. And this whole thing sounds so down. Shall I lift it up a bit?

Julia is... an enigma unsolved. Have you ever tried to get into this girl's inner psyche? It's tough to handle. She fancies herself a rebel. I guess that may be the case if she were really bisexual. What was it, Julia? You haven't told your mother about US yet? Don't worry, darling, it'll just give your mother heart palpitations.

I've known Julia since form 3. Never heard of her since before form 3. Irregardless of that, I don't think were close even when I entered the 3A. But due to some quirky twists of fate, we bonded. I believe it began with Julia's sudden scandalous habit of tie-tugging.

But then again, she wasn't the first to tug my tie. I believe it was Suet Ling who did it first. Nevertheless, she performs it to perfection. Haha.

And then we entered 4 Sc Alpha. My, my, did it start getting hot and heavy then. *wink*

Julia is the only girl who consistently does her homework. Yes, all us other lowly creatures have our down moments when we prefer to go around perfecting the art of plagiarism. But Julia, for some reason or other, finishes her own homework. And graciously grants permission for us to use her work as an example to follow in our dangerous mission of plagiarism.

Not that we never got caught. We did get caught. Darn it.

But that didn't stop us, did it?

At first, our affair took wing at Friendster. I believe it began getting risque after I beat her at arm wrestling. Then after a very hilarious message that revolved around 'awak buang tahi, saya buang bunga' and reply of 'awak buang bunga, saya buang minyak wangi', we began our clandestine meetings.

One of those memories:

oh no, pls dont...
see la, i have panda eyes thanks to u...
been waiting for TOO long...
why, sayang?
wont u ever be faithful to me?
`juls muax u

i was there! i waited so so long!
where did u wait? what? u waited at the tree under the street lamp?
I thought u were supposed to wait under the street lamp BESIDE the tree.
omg sayang.
how could u make tht mistake?
it looks like we're not meant to be together. XD
~farna muahx jules~
p/s: unfaithful?!

I remember (friggin hell, I do a lot of 'I remembers' these days) when we had our trip to the toilet, and exchanged informations about our flings. Julia has her *ahem* Garry *ahem* and I had my *ahem* whatever-his-name-was *ahem*. Though me and Julia have a very delightful relationship, we have many side-flings.

Despite her "supposed" promiscuity, she's pretty loyal. Well, she stays loyal to her affairs, that is. I mean, that's something, right? Haha.

Julia is KIASU. Yes, in capital letters. But her kiasu-ness guides her on the right path. She's a smartass now, isn't she?

We once sat together with Afzan for a group study before the Sejarah paper. We had to memorise something about Mesopotamia. Would you believe it; she used her bottle to explain the whole thing so that I would remember. It did help in a way, although she spoke too fast till I only caught snatches of it. When I yak when I'm supposed to study, she'd go "Shhh shhh! Study."

I don't think you know how much that meant to me, Julia. Instead of dwindling away my time to useless yakking, you grabbed me by the horns and made me study. I needed that then. So, thank you.

No matter how many times we've been cohorts in scandalous endeavours, she usually sets me straight when I'm wrong.


You're pretty; but everyone knows that beauty is only skin deep.

Your intelligence, your ability to focus and reach your goals, your ability to rebel in a very un-rebel kind of way,

That's all you.

Uniquely you.

And now I'm thinking:

Did I just blow it all to hell for you?

If I hadn't dragged you to walk around school to recover my lost books, you might have been sitting for your Visual Arts exam. And you wouldn't have gotten the blatantly unfair results.

If I hadn't been such a selfish SOB you would be crowing about your high position right now, not down in the slums, hiding away.

But you don't seem to be blaming me.

I guess that's one strike against me and one score for you.

No matter what they say about you, Julia, know this:

Alpha, Beta or Gamma, it doesn't matter. What matters is the finishing line. Whether you come first or last right now, don't give a rat's patootie. Because in the end, I'm sure you'll fly higher than any of us, reach further than anyone, faster than lightning.

Because you, just you,

are special.

So show the world a brave front,

Cry if you must,

But thumb your nose at the world,

And show that you,

Julia Pan Yen Yee,

Are strong.

And you can jump higher than anyone.

And one day reach the stars.

And know that I'll always love you. All of us always will.

Would you be happier if you were someone together?
Would the sun shine brighter if you played a bigger part?
Would you be wonderful if it wasn't for the weather ?
I think you're gonna be just fine .

Would You Be Happier - The Corrs.


Bricks and Walls

As dictated by Faranza Syns

It's rather surprising how many stories I've started, and how many I've completed.

Basically, only 10% is completed. Parting Oceans is still in my computer somewhere. And I just found an old story of mine that I was particularly fond of.

You know what? After my "Kiss Kiss Muahx!" story, I don't think I can come up with anything worth reading anymore. Kiss Kiss Muahx was just too cheeky. And I don't feel particularly cheeky these days. I feel depressed. Haha. So I came up with a story that was supposed to be sweet. In a way. Except I haven't actually completed it yet.

Haha. Life, oh life.

But I love it anyways.

Oh, maybe I'll write about my affairs after this. That'll be interesting, especially when it involves so many femme fatale's and only one ordinary Joe. Haha, okay, Marc's more of a playboy, but what the heck. I didn't even know we were in an affair until Julia asked for conformation from him.

Juls: Marc, are you having an affair with Hanna?
Marc: Yeah. Of course.
Me: *Nods* (albeit with a bit of shock)

Daniel, the arsehole, commented that Marc had really good taste. We can see he was sarcastic.

Daniel: Wah, Marc, great taste, eh? *leers at me*
Marc: Eh, shut up. At least I have someone, compared to you. What do you have?
Everyone: *LAUGH*

Yes, people, get into affairs now. It can be quite fun.

The late nights and moaning. *wink wink* Yin, you know what I mean. Haha.

And Juls, I'm sorry; I don't know if I can give you my first time. There's just so many to choose from.


Gosh, promiscuity is in my blood.

Ah gosh, look Marc, now I'm in your list of female conquests. Since I'll be writing your book, I'll put my name as the first in the list. Haha.

I messaged Eugene the other day. I said I'll be dropping classes, but that I'll miss Alpha.

His reply:

Ah, the kisses, the flirting, the lack of morals or rest...

You know us so well, Eugene. Of course, your pals in Alpha didn't actually kiss each other, so I presume you're talking about us girls?

Haha, my lips are still a virgin's lips. Although, with all my knowledge in businesses children should not meddle in, I'm sure a lot of people doubt that I'm untainted.


Big whooper there.

I'm the living, breathing proof that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover.

Innocent? They call me "The Goddess of Corruption".

Gosh, I'm developing God-complex.

Read it and laugh.

I need to talk with someone who challlenges my ego. Just to keep my feet on the ground.

Eugene's a good candidate, I suppose. Except he doesn't seem to be willing to debate with me. =_='' We're both Celcom customers, Eugene. Each time I message you it only costs 1 cent. Gosh you're not that tight-fisted, are you?

Tarrant's a good candidate too, except he's pretty busy being a lackey. HAHA.

Stonewall me all you want, big guy. Let's see if your brickwall is as strong as you think it is. Pfffft. I have doubts.

I couldn't sleep after 6 a.m. so I stayed up and read a book. Grabbed the closest one I could. Got a book with a Welsh guy in it. =_='' His name was okay, but his second-in-command's name was a bit funny. Haha. You want that book too, Afzan? ;p I don't think you read that one yet.

No matter how much I like Welsh, I'm still in love with Brodick. Shoo, Nik, Afzan, he's mine.

Ugh, leave it up to me to fall in love with fiction.

Males have their stonewall of unity.
But do they have to go through the menarche?
And they say we're the weaker species.



As dictated by Faranza Syns

Okay, I really, really, really wanna watch Taggart. It's Scottish.

Anyways, back to the tag game.

1. The last person to tag you was?

2. Your relationship with him/her?
A friend who claims that if I were of the XY chromosome, she would fall flat for me.

3. Your 5 impressions towards him/her?
1) hyper
2) easily psyched
3) laughs a lot
4) pink pink pink
5) great company

4. The most memorable thing that she/he has ever done for you?
..... This'll take a long time... Ah, well, she answers my messages.

5. The most memorable word that she/he has said to you?
"larh .. gedik la . MSN gedik"... or was it "Criecidal fury... angry until you want to cry."
She was referring to my homicidal fury post. =_=''

6. If she/he becomes your lover, you..
will jump off the precipice because that just proves I'm bisexual.

7. If she/he becomes your enemy, you will
laugh my arse off because it's just so incredulous.

8. If he/she becomes your lover, he/she has to improve on.
becoming a man.

9. If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason is.
she got me too high until I robbed a bank and got caught doing it.

10. The most desirable things to do for him/her are.
  • get high with her
  • fulfill her wishlist
  • get high with her all over again

11. Overall impression towards him/her is
Kecil-kecil cili padi.

12. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
"... she's a lazy arse."

13. Who is your ideal?
Ideal as in... the person who suits me most? Haven't found that paragon yet.

14. What do you hate about yourself?
My lazy arse.

15. For the people who care for you and like you, say something about them?
You guys must have one heck of a personality.

16. 5 people to tag answer :
1) Aja
2) Afzan (because I know you'll be bored)
3) Julia
4) Kyeli
5) Yin (because you owe me one.)

Phew. Now, off to breakfast!

I miss kicking.


November 24, 2008

Sans my Heart

As dictated by Faranza Syns

Okay. I actually wrote a whole different post before this. But hey, isn't life just fun? Mozilla Firefox here went kaput and got all crazy on me. And hey, blogger didn't save my drafts!

This is the kind of thing that contributes to obsessive compulsive behaviour and undue paranoia.

Kimmy, I wonder what you've suffered through to make you so.


24 Nov 08, 11:37
anonymous: YEAY! You are finally public. I like reading your blog. But don't take it in a stalker-ish kinda way. o.0" Lol, thanks for changing your mind. :)

Wow, whoever you are, I'm sure you're not SA, the previous stalker (haha, I just had to mention him). Because I checked your IP. Haha. But many thanks. It's nice to hear that people appreciate you once in a while. I made it private because of... well... some really insane people.

But I'm back, baby! Enjoy my blog (or me) to your utmost pleasure!

Hmmm... I actually thought of doing something worthwhile for today.

I read the dictionary.

Insane, more likely.

And for some twisted, unimaginable reason, I laughed at the word "teepee".

Don't ask why, people. The reason is too much for your delicate sensibilities.

I talked to Jordan just now. He said he's pissed at the school magazine. Because his name was missing from the lists of Achievers for PMR. So, I went and checked. The first time round, I panicked because I couldn't find MY name. But then, I turned back a page and saw my name under the 8A's section. Okay. Then, I checked for Jordan's name.

So, in a way, I can feel a smidgen of your pain, Jordan. Lol, I told him I'll yell at Erin on his behalf. He said that it was okay. Come on, Jordan, have a little faith in me. Granted, I don't usually yell, and especially not at the editor, but your predicament (or just plain bad luck) will help us get better next year.

Next year.

Oh my god, I suddenly feel sick thinking about next year. And this nausea I've been feeling all morning is definitely getting more pronounced.

Not so good.

Anyways, Yin, I uploaded the book to my FileDen account. Can you try this link? Then save a copy.

"Bad Boys Online"

Lol, it's open to not-so-innocent people only. Those of you who are innocent... believe me, you don't wanna read this.


My Tommy sank its claws into me... until my shirt tore up. Believe me, I hate him right now.

Ah, and I just realised the cough medicine I've been given has a "Mixed Fruity Flavour." And I'm supposed to down it with a glass of water.

Uber interesting.

Your eyes they sparkled;
That's all changed into lies that drop like acid rain.


Hanamitchi's Dynamo

As dictated by Faranza Syns

Okay, guess who it is, people.

It's so simple.

Aja Azman

When did I know this girl? I think I remember seeing her at BBGS. As all memories are, this one is a bit fuzzy as well. I remember that she was tiny. And I remember En. Rahim flirting with her. Seriously, that one is the clearest. Haha.

There are many things that I remember about her. But, at the risk of sounding cheesy, the thing I remember about her most is her smile.

I can see why people love her.

I went into 3 Amanah as a stranger. I didn't know a lot of people. But thank god I knew Aja. Well, it was a bit of a "I think I know you" situation, but we became close anyway.

She says things that are sometimes so silly, you can't help but laugh.

And when she laughs at you laughing, you feel like laughing that much harder.

Which in turn transforms the both of you into teenagers who look like they smoked pot.

Yes, too many doses of Aja can get you high.

Aja - アジャ ~♥ says:
I think the mamak just now got put some pills in my teh ais

No, Aja. That's just you being you.


She's the only person who usually answers my messages as soon as I send them. Not surprisingly, a lot of people tend to answer the next day.

Aja answers at the next minute.

Which is saying either she sticks to her phone, or she's got antennas that tell her she's received a message and that she MUST reply. She replies-- fast.

When she's upset, sometimes you don't see it on her face. But when she cries, you feel like hugging her close.

And maybe a small tad of homicidal fury towards the person who caused those tears.

Aja, you may seem small,

You may seem weak,

But hey,

At least Syara's smaller than you.


Aja - アジャ ~♥ says:
ok crap . i'm SO crappish.

Don't worry, Aja, it rubs off after a while.

And by the way Aja,

It may look like a small draft of wind will blow you towards the Frigid Zones of the earth,

But your soul is stronger than any pillar of strength I know.

You cry, but you pick up the pieces, and you smile the next day.

No matter how troubled you are,

You keep to yourself,

But you smile.

Eventhough it hurts.

But when it hurts,

You know that you have us, don't you?

Of COURSE you do, Aja. Haha.

Signed, with lots and lots of LOVE,

Faranza Syns

To the girl with the blinding smile,
And the beautiful heart,
Though I can't really drag you to an X-Ray machine to see it,
I know that your heart,
Is a wonder of beauty.

With lots and lots of energy.

For me.


Pinkaholic? We really, really love it.


November 22, 2008

Straight to Slash

As dictated by Faranza Syns

My sister just turned my very manly Sim into a gay Sim.

Great. Bisexuality everywhere.

M'God. Is this your way of punishing me?

Your scent is incense burning.


Time Enough

As dictated by Faranza Syns

Ever notice the sounds that we make in blogs?

Like "rah!", "grrrr" and the repetitive use of the word "fuck"?

They seem to be sounds that we will never be caught dead using in real life. Ever heard me use the word "rah!" in real life? Nah, it'll sound dopey in real-life.

Ever heard me use the sound "ngeheee"? It'll sound like I'm some twisted ego-maniac with a sanity disorder.

I notice it a lot in blogs. Saw it especially in Yin's and Kimmy's so I was like... "Rah again? What does it sound like anyway?"

Not so good from my lips.

It's 8.30. Why am I awake?

I'm going back to sleep.

This is becoming too much of an obsession.

Benediction: my poison.


When Dawn Crept into the Open

As dictated by Faranza Syns

An epiphany came to me.

Well, more of a shocking revelation.

Julia, darling, did you notice?

Tarrant is like an older version of Ian Teng.

It's suddenly scary.

And Ian doesn't seem such a harmless thing anymore.



As dictated by Faranza Syns

Faites-vous des amis prompts à vous censurer.
Make friends with those who would be quick to criticize you.

Go die, Tarrant. Pfffft.


Bite Me

As dictated by Faranza Syns

If I had retractable fangs, I'd bite into you any day.

"A Quick Bite" was... cute. I swear. Haha. The guy is one heck of a hottie. Greg.... T_T Why can't I be one of the Argeneau vampires? And Greg... he's so adorable, I feel like choking him. Basically, the story revolves around Psychologist Gregory Hewitt and the vampire Lissiana

Somehow or other, Greg had ended up tied down onto a bed in a stranger's house-- Lissiana's mom's house. It was Lissi's birthday, and quite humorously, Greg was a present from her mother.

When Lissi saw him, she thought he was "dinner" since her mother usually provided her with "dinner" and a present.

Hot, steamy scenes ensued. And amongst all the groping and panting, she bit into his neck.

Lissi's mom caught them. And in true Argeneau style, explained to her daughter that Greg was supposed to be the one would cure her.

Of hemaphobia. Fear of blood. Poor thing.

And so, through very quirky misunderstandings and a repitition of the tied-down-to-the-bed scene, Greg got closer to Lissi and quite grudgingly agreed to cure her of her phobia. But not before thinking he should allow someone else to work on her since he wanted to pursue her. Well, not just pursue, if you know what I mean.

Funny, I swear. His reaction when Marguerite, Lissi's mom, came for him the second time had me laughing my arse off.

But he's sweet as heck.

And I'm super glad I finished the book. Next up: A Bite To Remember.

But not before I finish this book I'm currently reading.

Bad Boys Online

Now, that's hot.

You innocent peeps should not read this. Stay away from this book at all costs. Yin, you know I don't mean you, right? Haha.

It's for the best if you guys stayed away from this book.

But then again, if you're interested... haha. Same thing: SMS me. I'll mail it to you guys.

Ugh, the stupid boil is acting up again.

Why hasn't it burst yet?

It's only me that wants to wrap around your dreams.
And have you any dreams you'd like to sell?
Dreams of loneliness
Like a heartbeat drives you mad.


November 21, 2008

Tag! You're It!

As dictated by Faranza Syns

1. Name one person who made you laugh last night.
.... I don't recall laughing. Haha.

2. What were you doing at 0800?
Tossing an turning because my ear ached.

3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
Trying to write a Song-fic. Pffft, went up in flames.

4. What happened to you in 2006?
Oh god, don't ask me questions that far back. Hmm... Was in 2 Berdikari. Made up FAMAX .. ;p Suffered through 6-7 months of prefectorial probation. And loved every single torture.

5. What was the last thing you said out loud?
"Jazmina, go AWAY."

6. How many beverages did you have today?
-Milk tea, jugs of plain water and a glass of apple juice. Now count. =_=''

7. What color is your hairbrush?
Black. And Silver.

8. What was the last thing you paid for?
RM 10 for 200g of sweet. Gosh, I'm insane.

9. Where were you last night?
Exploring Yahoo's chatrooms. Believe it or not, there's a LOT of spams there. And there's an adult chatroom too. HAHA.

10. What color is your front door?
Brown. Typical, much?

11. Where do you keep your change?
In my pockets so they usually end up in the laundering machine.

12. What’s the weather like today?
It rained. I had the air-cond on. Hmm... real comfy.

13. What’s the best ice-cream flavor?
Durian and Yam. I know, I'm quirky, I can't help it. ;p

15. Do you want to cut your hair?
I was gonna cut my hair yesterday. The shop wasn't open though. Is this a sign?

16. Are you over the age of 25?
o_O... can I lie?

17. Do you talk a lot?
Depends on the person I'm talking to. If it's a shy person, you might want to shut me up. ;p

18. Do you watch the O.C.?
The first episode only. Pffft, too much drama for me.

19. Do you know anyone named Steven?
Errr.. I did. My ex's friend. Lol.

20. Do you make up your own words?
I'm a writer. I'm bound to make up my own words. For my characters. ;p

21. Are you a jealous person?
Yeap. Very, very jealous.

22. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘A’.
Aja? ;p

23. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘K’.
Apparently, I have a friend who's name is Kamal whom I don't even know. o_O...

24. Who’s the first person on your received call list?

25. What does the last text message you received say?
"Owh. So how's it now?" ;p

26. Do you chew on your straw?
When I was 8, yes.

27. Do you have curly hair?
It's wavy. And pretty hard to tame. =_=''

28. Where’s the next place you’re going to?
To the bathroom. Bathe!

29. Who’s the rudest person in your life?
My brother. =_=''.

30. What was the last thing you ate?
Chicken Chop with Black Pepper. Nyumm

31. Will you get married in the future?
Probably not. I have really high-cum-low expectations in that part.

32. What’s the best movie you’ve seen in the past 2 weeks?
The latest was High School Musical 3. *Sigh* I still don't like Gabriella, but I still love Sharpay. And Ryan. *Sigh sigh sigh*

33. Is there anyone you like right now?
.... Myself? That's something at least. I can't go around hating myself.

34. When was the last time you did the dishes?
This afternoon. Had to prepare lunch too. Pffftt, lazy siblings of mine.

35. Are you currently depressed?
In a moment, maybe.

36. Did you cry today?
Not yet. Maybe I won't at all.

37. Why did you answer and post this?
Because I'm bored and Aja tagged me. I like playing tag.

38. Tag 5 people who would do this survey.
Suhail (thoughI doubt he's gonna reply)

A random group of people, I know. They won't be coming here anyways, so all the better.

Slipping, sliding, into heavenly bliss


Turning Point

As dictated by Faranza Syns

I wonder where mine will be.

Too much of a good thing can turn bad.

So, toodles, bloggie. I'll see you tomorrow.



Where You Dare Not Cross...

As dictated by Faranza Syns

Tarrant, if you ever reach this blog, scroll up, click the "Back" button, and don't ever come back.



It's been so long since I wrote something worthwhile. It's always been like that. Now, I can't even write a decent paragraph on "Parting Oceans" to save my bloody arse. And why in the world am I posting so many posts per day?

I need to get out more. The world's so vast and I can't even step out of my home. Ho-HUM. The humdrum routine of my life.

Anyways, I stumbled into this at Pavilion:

Oh Baby?
or Oh, Babi!


Pavilion was grand. Very much so. That was why I became so "camera-happy" as Amanda put it.

Glitters. Gold? Jewels.

I had a lot of deer-caught-in-headlights moments.

And many camera-happy moments right after that.

Adorable? Effing hell, what'll happen if I lean back?
It's not so adorable when you're splayed on your ass.

Allah Is Not Obliged. Tsk tsk.
What were we thinking?

Gosh, Arnez, if you were there, we'd burn the whole place down.
Here's to your personal heaven.

Hot. Hot hot. No one alive will look this kind of hot.

Amanda: Now, THERE'S A PUN. Tell Kye Li that.

Honor Thyself.

*Gasp* What is this?

Open sesame!

We pretty much expected this, didn't we?

I can't help it. Reading novels is just in my blood. Or maybe it's just a way for me to while away my precious youth.

I'm losing my youth within the blue. This is not good.

I swear to God, this is not good.

Lost my youth amid the blue.
- No More Cry, The Corrs


Alter Ego

As dictated by Faranza Syns

Seriously, Ashley from the Pussycat Dolls is sooo sooo cute. Haha. I swear, the PCDs are so quirky, it's so entertaining to watch.

Ashley's comical reaction:

It was FUNNY.

Lol, watch the video. Ashley's reaction should be looped. And that's Robin Antin's co-choreographer, Mikey Minden, who's falling down onto the floor. (Robin Antin, Pussycat Dolls, Creator) What the hell. All of them were so funny.

I love the Pussycat Dolls. And despite the Kissing Fiasco, I love Chelsea, too.

She came into the competition to be the next PCD not even knowing how to dance. But she made it through. She was in the final three. And the changes... it was just, amazing.

And by the way, Chelsea is one of the girls who sang W.O.W in my playlist. The one that has the strongest voice, that's her. I love to hear her sing.