February 7, 2011

/aɪ heɪt juː/ - Teh Yee Ming

As dictated by Faranza Syns

Teh Yee Ming, how dare you leave Malaysia (even if it IS for your education)?

And without telling me, no less. Hmph. What was it - "I haven't heard from you for a long time."? *pouts*

That aside, I don't think I've written a dedication post in quite a while. It's about time I started again, no? (my friend had just looked over my shoulder and scorned my writing. An "English-essay" writing, said she. Hmph. But then, yet again, I digress. Back to the dedication post)

I just went back to my blog dashboard and (after gloating about the sudden increase of the number of followers I had) I went on to search for posts where I've written about dear Teh Yee Ming.

One was in the post Because He Expects It, which was an adorably hormoronic (new word I came up with. Guess what it means) post. And another post was just a draft, but reading it made me laugh. It was an excerpt of our online conversation. We were working on his piece for our school year book. We were Editorial Board members, hence we needed to come up with ideas for the Focus On section - a special section (the name is self-explanatory, I presume).

At that time, it was decided that he would be writing of the evolution our school went through over time, from our 1st principal, to the most recent (a principal not many of us were fond of).

Yee Ming: Ok, this is going to be a very tough question. ... What did Kamariah contribute to the school?

Me: ... (speechless)

Yee Ming: Exactly. Even Erin [our editor] has no idea. But I'll try something. ... Maybe in some disturbing way, she encourages us?

Me: Maybe you should say that she's still spreading her wings and (don't hold your breath) she will doubtlessly bring SBU to dizzying heights (shudder)

Yee Ming: hbadhdfkjfhsbkrfvjkbsdbvjdrfvbfdobjrjbvrjk
I smashed my head against the keyboard

Me: I can tell

Yee Ming: Ok, maybe "Pn Kamariah encouraged us to spread our wings and constantly reminds us to achieve and accomplish. Under her guidance, we believe SBU will reach new heights."

Me: ...

Yee Ming: omg, I can't believe I lied


Yee Ming: I lied in an article

Me: And I helped you.

Yee Ming: I could get arrested
I could go to prison

Me: And I'd have to follow you.
What about NS?

Yee Ming: How can we earn the trust back from the student body if we tell such shameless lies??!!!
Erin will lose her job as editor
We'll live on the streets
Shunted by society
Forbidden to write or type for the rest of our lives!!

Me: um, shunned, not shunted. xD

Granted, I think the both of us were worn out like mad.

But this was most probably the most adorable chat I'd ever had with Yee Ming. He's even cuter than Tarrant, even, especially when he takes off his glasses. (Yes, Yee Ming, I concede that you do have wonderful eyes when you take your glasses off. They are even prettier than mine)

He has been around since form three, I think. The tall, gangly boy who likes to tease people who are less endowed in height with his own awe-inspiring vertical growth. He liked to stand beside me, then bend his knees (a lot) just so he could be the same height as me. He'd then gush, "OMG, I can't see anything! How do you live being so short, Hana?"

Jahat kan?

But then, that's my lovely Yee Ming. The tall dude who has been a source of laughs to me in more occasions than one. Believe me, talking to him is no chore. I once kept quiet and let him continue talking for a while. He managed the (one-sided) conversation just fine.

And now he's leaving for Australia. I was shocked, to say the least. But I guess it was about to happen. No wonder I felt the urge to text the dude. Thank God he had not left yet. True, during times as these there is always Facebook to stay connected. But being physically far from my friends still makes my heart miss them no less.

Teh Yee Ming, you had better take care of yourself in Australia! When you get back, I will be a skinny Farhana (who has grown no taller, but has accepted her height as a part of her)... maybe. Haha. So, long, dearest. Enjoy life there.


the last line~
like i said before, and i'll say it again~